Gabby Douglas Wins Gymnastics Gold, Aly Raisman Falls to Fourth

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Gabby Douglas just made history in London.

The 16-year old became the first African-American female gymnast to win Gold in the all-around individual competition.


Leading the entire way, Douglas finished with 62.232 points, out-earning Russia's Victoria Komova (61.973). Aly Raisman of the U.S. actually finished tied for third, but did not medal due to a tiebreaker that gave the edge to Aliya Mustafina based on "execution.

A near-fall on the balance beam likely cost Raisman a spot on the podium, but we're sure her excitable parents are still very proud.

Earlier in the week, Douglas and Raisman were part of the first women's team to capture gymnastic Gold since 1996, proving once and for all: no one can flip, tumble and split like those who represent the red, white and blue!


I don't know who is the bigger babies.... the spoiled American female gymnasts who evidently don't realize that they should be paying attention to their country's flag being raised and anthem being played (they seemed only interested in making sure people were watching them), or the spoiled people making comments here about reading Olympic results on here before they could watch it on tv. If you don't want to know I would suggest you don't read...


well you can wait till the next day to talk about who's won medals.alot of people look forward to watching it on television when they get home from work or where ever and its not fair that people watch it online then announce it to the whole world the second its announce live.i like to watch on the television and not online because its alot easier to watch it on tv thats atleast 27" then on the 10" to 16" computer/laptop screen, and i know alot of people in the world are the same way....not fair

Free britney

All - sorry for this. There will be no more Olympic spoiler headlines from now on ... if you see an Olympic headline during the day it won't be written in a way that gives away the results. Our apologies and thanks for reading.


@Hilton Hater! Um it wasn't ok 4 NBC nor is it ok for you. Instead of justifying your tackiness a simple "we apologize" would do. Oh and side note: Not everyone is going online some of us like to watch it on tv after work also as we know several networks already know who won what but out of RESPECT for others they don't ASSUME all americans r watching online so they withhold all results until the next day. might wanna follow suit. Thanx THG! YOU'RE GREAT : )


I understand. I really just wish they would show it live


Funny, for Phleps vs. Lochte, it wasn't said in the title. It said, "Who won?" How about something LESS SPOILING for women's gymnastics! First NBC, now the knuckleheads at THG. It's known we'll all be watching this tonight and those of us who don't want to find out beforehand, AVOID news sites that reveal it. This was thrown in our faces.


The first African American female gymnast to win gold in the all around individual competition, and she's only 16. I love it ! Way to represent ! Team U S A !


I guess i can add this site to the list i can't visit until after the olympics


@Meg: We apologize for negatively affecting anyone's Olympic viewing -- but it's a live sporting event that is available online. It's hard to really consider it a "spoiler" when the event has already taken place.
The best advice we can give is to be extra, extra careful online if you wish to avoid results before primetime.


Um how about a "spoiler alert"?!?!

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