Gabby Douglas on Uneven Bars: How'd She Do?

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Olympic individual all-around gymnastics champion Gabby Douglas was back in action today in London, partaking in the uneven bars competition.

How'd she do? Find out below ...


She didn't live up to her impossibly high standards, finishing 8th. As such, the teen's gold medal haul remains at two (the biggest two).

In addition to her team and individual gold medal wins, Gabby Douglas' hair has gotten a lot of attention, as has her Corn Flakes box.

Girl has a bright future, for sure.

Aliya Mustafina of Russia, He Kexin of China and Beth Tweddle of Great Britain won the gold, silver and bronze medals, respectively.

For the United States, Douglas' teammates didn't fare any better. Kyla Ross was 11th, Jordyn Wieber 12th and Aly Raisman 23rd.


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Teriffic performance Gabby.
Some countries celebrate one medal. Grenada celebrated there single medal with national holiday. Here we have a child with medals let we together celebrate.


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