Gabby Douglas' Mom to Hair Critics: Lay Off!

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Attention, Gabby Douglas hair critics: Natalie Hawkins has two words for you:

Enough already!

Douglas' mom is in mama grizzly mode this week, speaking out to defend her daughter and her spunky ponytail in the wake of unexpected controversy.

"How ignorant is it of people to comment on her hair and she still has more competitions to go?" Natalie fumed. "Are you TRYING to ruin her self confidence?"

Gabby Hair

Although she has won two gold medals in gymnastics, the 16-year-old is making headlines for more than her historic Olympic victories in London.

Specifically, some have lambasted Gabby Douglas' hair for its appearance and her supposed failure to "represent" the African-American community.

Douglas' chemically-straightened hair, pulled into a ponytail with barrettes and gel, matches the coifs of her four Caucasian "Fab Five" teammates.

Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber haven't been assailed for their look, however. But it's not just the style that is under fire.

Chiefly, it seems to be the fact that the 4-foot-11 Gabby is an African American rocking a straightened - in other words, not natural - hairstyle.

"It's really been African American women that have come out and attacked her," claimed Hawkins of the tweeters who criticized Gabby Douglas.

"They don't know about gymnastics. She has to keep her hair in a ponytail 28-30 hours a week. We grew her hair out because she preferred long hair."

"I'm not going to make her cut her hair just to please someone else," Hawkins says to those who would prefer braids, an afro or kinky curls.

Together, Douglas and her mom are approaching the controversy with humor.

"She said, 'Really?! I won two gold medals and made history and my hair is what's trending?' So we laughed about it," Hawkins recounted.


Ms. Hawkins: How do you know that they are African Americans? As if African Americans can't be proud of her. I am sure worse has been said. I am sure she has had some other unwarranted criticism. Why make this a controversy? I believe that this is being fueled by the press. She swept up those critical golds seemingly without much effort--crisp and confident. Maybe put some distractions in front of her and pressure on her. The press and public are fickle. Just remember Ms. Hawkins people with common sense, African Americans or not, will celebrate your daughter and wish her the best.


Gabby, Get used to it from everyone; Blacks, Whites, ...everyone! IGNORE them because they aren't doing anything or they would not be so quick to display ignorance. It had to be something, if not your teeth....or we can go backwards to skin color and bring out the paper bag. Keep winning, and RUN YOUR OWN RACE! If you like how you look, that's all that matters and to your mom! Mom...keep that grizzly attitude and protect your daughter! Both of you are winners!!


What rubbish...what a gorgeous girl! I am Australian/Br, have naturally straight hair and curl it...we all do. I don't even support USA and I adore her. Like anyone who criticises anyone who is at the olympics, their performance, their colour of medals, their looks, could even make it to a qualifying round!!.....


Gabby , Well done you made us proud forget the criticium you went to perform and u did Congrats, Love


I am available to fix her hair with seamen. Her teeth are fine.


Gabby is AWESOME! She is cute as the dickens, especially with her hair anyway it goes! What a doll! And so beautifully talented! What form, what extension--classic & beyond!!! It was a JOY to watch such primo performances with flair!!..........


She needs to get her horse teeth fixed too.


You are beautiful just the way you are... and you got the gold! You did it!


Who cares what gabby's hair looks like it was up and out of the way so she could focus on that GOLD MEDAL!!!!!!HATERS!!! I think she is beautiful reguardless.....


She got a GOLD-leave her alone-HOW many GOLD MEDALS do u have??

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