Gabby Douglas' Hair Sparks Debate: Why?

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American teenager Gabby Douglas has been wowing the world with grace, style, and of course, the women's all-around gymnastics gold medal.

Nevertheless, much of the chatter on social media and online platforms has been about the upkeep of her hair, and not all feedback is positive.

Douglas, one of the few African-American gymnasts ever to compete in the Olympics and the first to win all-around gold, is an inspiring story.

Time and Sports Illustrated have her on their covers. President Barack Obama called to congratulate her. So why do people care about Gabby Douglas' hair?!

Gabby Douglas Hair

“I love how she’s doing her thing and winning,’’ says 22-year-old Latisha Jenkins of Detroit told The Daily Beast. “But I just hate the way her hair looks."

"With all those pins and gel ... I wish someone could have helped her make it look better since she’s being seen all over the world."

"She representing for black women everywhere.’’

According to reports, the 4'11" Douglas appears to have chemically relaxed natural hair, to which she adds a human-hair ponytail for height.

The Olympic champ then apparently slicks it all back with a heavy layer of gel to help it stay in place during her high-energy performances.

Gabby Douglas Ponytail

Hair has always been something of a hot button issue for African-American women culturally, but in the case of Douglas, isn't the criticism a little much?

Douglas’ accomplishments speak for themselves ... for the conversation to turn to a teenager’s physical appearance and upkeep seems a bit unfair.

Do you like her hair? Does it matter? Tell us what you think.


why do yall care about her hair she is beautiful intelligent and very talented and to be honest she has more money than all of yall up here (with the negative comments). GO GABBY DOUGLAS KEEP UR HEAD UP AND KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DOING!!!!!!!!!! SN: FORGET ALL THE HATERS :):):):):):)


With a name like Latisha Jenkins...think ghetto...nevermind...she probably has never left the Detroit, Michigan, 'hood that she lives in.


This is the stupidest thing I have ever read. She is representing our great nation by achieving the highest decoration for an athletic event, and people are worrying about her hair? What pains me the most, is this is just another racially motivated subject. Let it go! African-American this, black that. Her mother saying "She's living with a WHITE host family. Their are no BLACK salons in the area." Who cares about the skin color? She's an American. She went to London to bring home the gold and she did, that's ALL that matters. USA!


Gabby has made a name for herself and will go down in history with other great historians. You (the lady with the stupid comment about her hair) also will go down in history as the stupidest african american in the United States. Stupid ass probably didn't vote!!


i dont give a flying fuck about her hair. she looks like a fucking alien even with her hair down.


Hey Sandra, I bet you're "UGLY & FAT!!!


Hey u "haters", keep on hating while Gabby goes to the bank and you live your "miserable" lives. Hey "pubic hair guy", she's a "gymnast not a model you're a born loser".


I am glad the gabby douglas won gold for the US but the bottom line outside of her hair needing serious attention I am sorry but she is ugly


Gabby - You have proved to the world that hard work pays off. You are a beautiful 16 year old African American Girl; I am so proud of you; keep pushing and remember this quote: The Sky is the Limit! You Go Girl!! (PS: Dr. Teresa Harris-KC)


It is an outrage that here we are having to defend a marvelous athlete against such pointless opinions. This is a girl with her priorities in order. Besides, what does race have to do with how we as women choose to keep our hair? It is an accessory. How odd that anyone would allow their hair to define them. Instead we should be defined by our actions. If there is time, need, or desire for a particular type of hair, then go for it. It is an individual choice. Miss Douglas has chosen to have neat, presentable hair that does not get in the way of her goal to be the best she can be at a difficult sport. Her mother has raised an intelligent, focused, humble, and talented young lady. Let's celebrate that!

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