Gabby Douglas Hair Makeover: See Her New Look!

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Olympian Gabby Douglas has two gold medals - and a new hairstyle!

The 16-year-old became a national hero in London, but also endured more than her fair share of undue criticism, as Gabby Douglas' hair became a sticking point for some.

In any case, Douglas debuted a new style yesterday, and she looked terrific! Check out Gabby's hair down, and in its more familiar style, below:

Gabby Douglas Hairstyle
Gabby Douglas' Pony Tail

Douglas' longer locks were crafted by celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson.

"A special thank you to my Gold Medal Celebrity Hair Stylist! @tedgibsonbeauty," Gabby tweeted Wednesday before debuting the new look.

Douglas, Kyla Ross, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney and Jordyn Weiber are all making the media rounds after their dazzling Olympics efforts.

What do you think of Douglas' new 'do?



It's obvious a lot of people don't have a clue of what it truly is to be a fierce competitor - there is a time for being cute and worrying about the glitz & glam and a time to take care of business. Gabby did not let us down when it counted. I bet half the people talking couldn't even do a flip to save their life... And it's her choice how she likes to where her hair!


Her hair was a nice length before the weave was added. is relaxed with hair from God knows where. Why or why?


Gabby you are a star and that is all that matters to me.....don't let stupid comments get to you and make you loose your focus...


F*** America for being obsessed with "sleak, tamed hair." Before the controversy surrounding Douglas' hair (which came about pretty much after her first gold win--because, afterall, that's also what America does. Tears someone down right after they've succeeded greatly), I noticed MUCH of our team with unkempt hair, and thought, what's the deal with these girls' styles. Gabby was no different than the other sloppy buns. But of course, because she became a winner coupled with her African textured hair, people had to talk major smack. F*** you, America. My country. The home of the a**holes.


Her hair is fake . It's a jigga-weave or a wig. Way to give into pressure-go team go!
I liked the nappy pube-like textured hair natural better than the fake hair.


Gabby looks just beautiful!




@myron i hate blacks and gays too bro i run thg and i remove nonwhite comments if you hate gays and jiggs you can be matts pal

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