Gabby Douglas Hair Makeover: See Her New Look!

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Olympian Gabby Douglas has two gold medals - and a new hairstyle!

The 16-year-old became a national hero in London, but also endured more than her fair share of undue criticism, as Gabby Douglas' hair became a sticking point for some.

In any case, Douglas debuted a new style yesterday, and she looked terrific! Check out Gabby's hair down, and in its more familiar style, below:

  • Gabby Douglas Hairstyle
  • Gabby Douglas' Pony Tail

Douglas' longer locks were crafted by celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson.

"A special thank you to my Gold Medal Celebrity Hair Stylist! @tedgibsonbeauty," Gabby tweeted Wednesday before debuting the new look.

Douglas, Kyla Ross, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney and Jordyn Weiber are all making the media rounds after their dazzling Olympics efforts.

What do you think of Douglas' new 'do?


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I bet Svetlana the gymnast will pull off the wig springer style!


Next gabby will want a nose job to fix her huge nostrils. She may get the 'skin disease' Jackson had!


I bet she would win gold at a eating-corn-through-a-picket-fence-contest! Dang those teeth...


She looks like one of those treasure trolls without her fake hair. I bet if she combed out her real hair it's like a troll. She has enough room on her 4head for another face.


Her nappy, pube-like hairs was better than the fake hair she has glued on to her head. She got a jigga weave and it's not her hair anyone would look ok with fake hair- wig or glued on weave. Go team go for the pubic/Brillo pad style


Gabby you are fabulous! Forget what those who hate have to say. If you decide to wear your hair long n straight for awhile then switch it up and go short n sassy or if you just feel like rockin some really cute braids you will still be killing em. Because your are who you are. So don't get overly concerned with the small things. DO YOU and stay close to mom.


Once you start caring about what others think about you you lose your own self respect and will FOREVER be under other people control. Enjoy living your life because GOD has blessed you to do amazing things! Im so proud of you!!!


i like the real look makes her look older before her time.shes still a child not a hollywood actress


She looks like a troll n a weave.


gabby is awesome!

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