Gabby Douglas Hair Makeover: See Her New Look!

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Olympian Gabby Douglas has two gold medals - and a new hairstyle!

The 16-year-old became a national hero in London, but also endured more than her fair share of undue criticism, as Gabby Douglas' hair became a sticking point for some.

In any case, Douglas debuted a new style yesterday, and she looked terrific! Check out Gabby's hair down, and in its more familiar style, below:

  • Gabby Douglas Hairstyle
  • Gabby Douglas' Pony Tail

Douglas' longer locks were crafted by celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson.

"A special thank you to my Gold Medal Celebrity Hair Stylist! @tedgibsonbeauty," Gabby tweeted Wednesday before debuting the new look.

Douglas, Kyla Ross, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney and Jordyn Weiber are all making the media rounds after their dazzling Olympics efforts.

What do you think of Douglas' new 'do?


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Gabby, you look awsome with or without a new hair do. Besides, most people cannot see past your beautiful smile and personality. People fail to realize that you are a young lady who meant business when it came down to representing our counrty, and bad hair days were last on the list. The fact that you still endured through it all reflects on how you're so highly esteemed, and you don't let people make you who you are. You know who you are inside and out. Stay Beautiful, sweetie!


How wonderful that this young girl can not only act like a lady with so much poise and class but she can also look stylish. I have heard her Mom was having money problems and anyone who has a stylist and pays to look good knows how much it costs. Now with her endorsements she can look the way she feels like looking. Shame on people for slamming her hair before she had it done and after. Life is too short to be so petty.


Great, what a way to show other countries how truly united we really are. Gaby, Whip Your Hair Back and Forth and throw the negative and mean comments where they belong......In The Trash! Many so called "followers" of the olympics have been more focused on tearing down a fellow American over her hair than on the accomplishments and beautiful representation that she did for her country......they need some growing up.


Gabby, congrats on your achievements! I LOVE your new look!! It is awesome, you look beautiful, don't mind the haters. Before your new look you looked beautiful and after you look gorgeous! Love you!


I think it's a shame she had to do this to please people. We should be a shame of ourselves for putting this young lady through this.


I knew it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. They did the same thing with Venus and Serena when they first hit the national spotlight. People complained about their braids and beads. When will we learn to love what we were given naturally. Her hair was just fine the way it was. Weave unneccesary and I think it's sad that society and my own people especially, can't accept their own natural locks and feel the need to pressure this young girl to assimilate to look like someone she is not. I am disappointed.


why freaking people is so hateful for young beautiful, talented and inspirational people... this world sucks big time, the world needs a change.... and it will happen soon... i hope everyone learns from it!!!


Gabby you are a beautiful young lady. I don't understand why people hate. You great deal of talent. What the fucking big deal that your hair isn't the way they feel it should. Love your look . It not a new look. You just upgrade. Love you. Keep doing what you do.


This georgeous 16 year old young lady has already done more than you fat fucks will ever do in your entire pathetic little lives. Go cash your welfare checks and spend it all on a weave while you try to jail your baby daddies' (yes, that's plural, it means more than one for you illiterate fucks) for half of his Chick Fil'A paycheck and the residuals from his weed sales. And stop bringing your babies out at all hours of the night when I have to hear their poor tired cries on the bus! Stupid ass hating fools!


I need to use her regular hair for a weave for my pubic hairs.

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