Gabby Douglas Hair Makeover: See Her New Look!

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Olympian Gabby Douglas has two gold medals - and a new hairstyle!

The 16-year-old became a national hero in London, but also endured more than her fair share of undue criticism, as Gabby Douglas' hair became a sticking point for some.

In any case, Douglas debuted a new style yesterday, and she looked terrific! Check out Gabby's hair down, and in its more familiar style, below:

Gabby Douglas Hairstyle
Gabby Douglas' Pony Tail

Douglas' longer locks were crafted by celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson.

"A special thank you to my Gold Medal Celebrity Hair Stylist! @tedgibsonbeauty," Gabby tweeted Wednesday before debuting the new look.

Douglas, Kyla Ross, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney and Jordyn Weiber are all making the media rounds after their dazzling Olympics efforts.

What do you think of Douglas' new 'do?


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To be honest girl when I saw you preformering at the Olympics the FARTHEST thing from my mind was "your hair" atleast you not pregnant or dealing with the entire boy issue! Your a good role model for our upcoming black teens for I should know! I am 14 and your my new role model!


Gabby if the world saluted your triumph don't mind the lack of education Americans. Your hair was just fine and I watched your entire show you put on for us that only happens once every 4 years ask them same people how many of their teenagers were next to you completing your accomplishments


I thought gabby's hair style was great and fantastic. so you all peaple stop making bad comment's about gabby's hair and i am only 12 years old and i now what's right she made history.we should be proud for her .and please stop making bad comments about her hair.


Too bad people focused on your hair rather than your heart.I love your spirit. May God Bless you!


I already thought you were a pretty lady - With a sharp mind and a good smile.. Enjoy the ride and be yourself.


In a perfect world you would be accepted for you. Should you feel the need to change for yourself, that's more acceptable. You are just beginning to get a taste of this cruel cruel world, but through your journey always keep God first. Through all the negativity continue to stay focused and build your inner strength. Remember this negativity is an attempt to throw your primary focus off. You are beautiful inside and out,that's the difference between you and your critics, so smile upon them with your winning smile as you've already conquered!


you did a great job nothing is wrong with your hair you look like a teenager which that what you are. they just made and tryna make you look older than you are. there stupid people who is just tryna control you and change your image but baby gurl stay your self black proud and talented do your thing because you are a blessing and gods gift ;)


Litter Sister, I am so proud of you.. I just wanna squeeze you. Your smile brightens up the universe...
Do you, and bump those stupid, obtuse h8ters..


It's not about your hair Gabby, it's what you have achieved as a g afro-american youg lady. May God continue to bless you on your journey.


I am so blown away to see all the negative comments people have made about such a beautiful girl who achieved something so great in her young life. Its really a testiment to what can happen if you work hard and dont give up. Those of you who are tripping so hard on her hair should ask yourself what have you done lately AND why is a persons hair so important to you anyway. This is so counterproductive!