Four More Beers: President Obama Grabs Some Buds at Iowa State Fair

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With V.P. nominee Paul Ryan energizing the Republican base and Joe Biden trying to rile up ... well, everybody, President Obama campaigned for reelection at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, making his case to voters the old-fashioned way:

Giving away free beers at the Budweiser tent.

President Obama in Iowa

Barack actually yelled to the crowd, "Hey, everybody who's over 21, you gotta buy a beer!" Obama then bought 12 - two for himself, 10 for people in line behind him.

Obama's appearance was a poorly-kept secret, drawing thousands of fans, and creating security nightmares at the Hawkeye State's popular annual event.

But come on, a free beer from the Prez? Totally worth it.

Watch a couple of videos of his visit after the jump ...


And let me just say one thing about small businesses. I think we should help them as much as we can. I can get behind some of what Republicans say when it comes to small businesses. Unfortunately they have lumped huge multibillion dollar corporations with our mom and pop shops. And they believe they should have the same tax codes and rights and I don't believe in that. I feel everytime they talk about helping small businesses in reality the are making sure the big corporations get a back door open to what these small businesses deserve. I don't thin its fair.


Or putting it back into the business the owner will go out and hire people whos annual income will exceed these tax breaks. This is not a plan this is doing the EXACT thing that helped us get here. I can't get behind it and I really don't know how others can either.


If comments are being monitored why are 9,10,11 still up? Also Romney's only plan is to cut taxes. He believes if we cut taxes everything will fall into place even though our worst economic meltdown happened during these tax breaks. He also has no idea how he will pay for all these tax breaks. NO IDEA. We are expected to believe that saving a few thousands a year in taxes will cause businesses to hire hordes of people. Basically we must believe that instead of the business owner taking the extra profit and keeping it as income


Being that the price of scrap and other resources just plummeted it's good to see our President getting drunk and paying off voters with beer (which is illegal). Does he do anything? Why do we even have a President if this is what they do all of the time?


@Ken1 Like we care what a disgruntled Canadian thinks who has no respect for America and its people! PLEASE! Do us a favor and stay on your side of the border!!! PS OH....and you can keep your opinions over there, too!


@Jay Quite frankly...NO, I don't say SO! Abysmal leadership based on a blind radical ideology....failed policies with the promise of only more of the same. Offering no real solutions to the painful problems this nation faces...all this? Points to "Bye-bye Barack"..."Hello, Mitt"! A sweeter deal awaits us with the RomRyan ticket! I can't WAIT!!!!! :)


Whatever you clowns say, this gentleman is OUR president, whether you jokers like it or not, and he will be awarded four more years to make it even sweeter , don't you say so?




America is as racist as it is poorly educated.


Gutter politics aren't enough....the man has to buy votes with alcoholic beverages?!? Pathetic. Time to buy that ticket Barack back to Chicago. You can buy drinks for all the passengers on the flight back home. Romney-Ryan 2012

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