Farrah Abraham Debut Single: Is "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" the Worst Song Ever?

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We almost feel like we owe Rebecca Black an apology.

After seeing her pawn her daughter off on her parents last night on Teen Mom, it's good to see Farrah Abraham is putting all her free time to good use.

She recently came out with her book, My Teenage Dream Ended, and now, having just wrapped her new album, has leaked a preview of the first song.

“I'm happy again, and this is my song for finding happiness,” Farrah Abraham tells In Touch of the track, titled “Finally Getting up From Rock Bottom.”

A nice sentiment, but from the opening lyrics - Dude (ahhh!) dude (ahhh!) - it's clear the song is beyond terrible / unintentionally hilarious. Listen:

With overproduced vocals, nonsensical lyrics and zero coherence, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" makes "Friday" look like Grammy material.

Farrah says the song is about going inside and really digging deep in order to find the strength to climb out of the hole she’d found herself in.

Explains the 21-year-old MTV reality star and mother of Sophia, “After almost wanting to kill myself, I found meaning and happiness within.”

We're certainly glad she was able to search within herself and slay some of her demons. Now she just needs to search for a better career.

What's your take on Farrah's new song ...


A nightmare and a half. The worst thing I have ever heard in life, ever. And I have heard several of Heidi Montag's songs, Rebecca Black and Paris Hilton. Omg and omg and omg again. This demo is the equivilent of **** that has been **** on.


Oh my god, I went into this trying to be positive because I honestly am rooting for Farrah, but what the crap?? I feel like my ears have been raped.


Yeah this is a really bad song you can't even hear her voice or the lyrics of the song whoever told her that it was going to be a good song lied to her poor girl


omg this is the WORST thing i have ever heard in my life!!!! they started this show saying oh this is the hard life of being a teen mom blah blah and then you turn these girls into spotlight whores and then you go back at 2 years after the show ended their kids have been taken away from them and they are in rehab i swear i had to force myself to listen to the whole thing hoping it might get a little better but im telling you my dog could make a better song while shes taking a shit!


Wtf was that? There was WAY to much auto tune, the lyrics are not matching the music at all, and what little bit you could understand, her voice is not good at all. Please, I'm begging you please, stop with your constant fifteen minutes of fame. You're just embarassing yourself now.


This stupid cunt really should get over herself.


Oh my god, this chick really believed her own hype. I see another Heidi in the makings.


Your little one has it spot on bless him lol she is a dog


Omfg has this freak not embarrassed herself enough already
What utter crap was that FARRAH HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME, worse than posh spice and that is saying something coz that fuckwitt cant sing either Your a crap mom and a worse singer


This is the worst song ever!! You can't understand what she saying and the whole beat and vocal is off!!! Take this crap off!!!

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