Farrah Abraham Debut Single: Is "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" the Worst Song Ever?

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We almost feel like we owe Rebecca Black an apology.

After seeing her pawn her daughter off on her parents last night on Teen Mom, it's good to see Farrah Abraham is putting all her free time to good use.

She recently came out with her book, My Teenage Dream Ended, and now, having just wrapped her new album, has leaked a preview of the first song.

“I'm happy again, and this is my song for finding happiness,” Farrah Abraham tells In Touch of the track, titled “Finally Getting up From Rock Bottom.”

A nice sentiment, but from the opening lyrics - Dude (ahhh!) dude (ahhh!) - it's clear the song is beyond terrible / unintentionally hilarious. Listen:

With overproduced vocals, nonsensical lyrics and zero coherence, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" makes "Friday" look like Grammy material.

Farrah says the song is about going inside and really digging deep in order to find the strength to climb out of the hole she’d found herself in.

Explains the 21-year-old MTV reality star and mother of Sophia, “After almost wanting to kill myself, I found meaning and happiness within.”

We're certainly glad she was able to search within herself and slay some of her demons. Now she just needs to search for a better career.

What's your take on Farrah's new song ...


WTF is this garbage? I'd listen to Rebecca Black any day over this incoherent crap. She's a narcissistic POS who only seems to care about herself. The child would be better off in a foster home rather than being raised by this clueless girl.


Rebecca I apologize.


This sounds like one of those songs made on the Songify ap.


@ straight up--- Maybe they are making that judgement because she did get pregnant at such an early age and seemingly hasn't learned anything. She was begging poor Daniel to marry her after less than 2 months of dating which obviously tells me that she has been intiate with him in this short time. She needs to keep her legs and mouth closed and listen to people who may, just may, know more than her. Giving away your tail to every tom, dick (pardon the pun) and harry won't bring you happiness and a lasting marriage foolish immature child. Poor Poor Sophia. Oh yeah, that freaking song SUCKED.


The song might be better if she was singing and not a robot.


Wait a min... Im confused. Can someone pleasse explain? I thought Farrah created a single. what was that??????


wow cant belive how she was so demanding on a ring. it was only 1 month and half. i saw that she was going to get dumb before the end of the show, slow the hell down. and you may get better turn around. song was bad. enjoy your daughter.


i only listened to for for like 20 seconds but omg my ears are bleeding . that song is sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.


This is by far the worst song I ever heard in my life!


Yes, she made her mistakes, no that doesn't make her a bad person, but why is she being rewarded? So many people with actual TALENT work SO HARD to break into the business for it to be handed to her on a silver platter just because she's a young mom. My Mother had her first child at 19 and NOTHING was given to her. So many other young mothers out there get nothing but trouble, and this girl gets not only a TV show, but to TRY to sing. Maybe she thought she had something there, she's just not that good. When you look at the REASON why she got her "opportunity" it becomes more a fallacy than her "Climbing up". It's a way for her to be exploited and to gain something she clearly isn't talented at. Good Luck, Farrah, but this isn't the career path for you.

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