Farrah Abraham "On My Own" Music Video: Even Worse Than Her First Song?!

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Farrah Abraham may have outdone herself, and we don't mean that in a good way.

We almost feel we owe the Teen Mom star an apology for debating whether her debut single, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" was the worst song ever.

Turns out it may not even be the worst song by this one aspiring artist! Our bad!

Overproduced and auto-tuned to an incomprehensible degree, "On My Own" is tough to understand, both visually and audibly. Do so at your own risk.

We don't know Farrah Abraham personally, and we're sure she's a very nice young woman and a good mother. But music may not be an ideal career path.

The video is basically a montage of amateur footage of Farrah and daughter Sophia, who's a real cutie, but the whole thing is bizarre to say the least.

FYI, "On My Own" corresponds to the chapter by the same name in Farrah's memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended. So if you've read it, that's cool maybe.

Tell us: What do you think of Farrah Abraham's song "On My Own"?


I particularly love the end when she says "This is the best I can do."


That's not even music. When you sing your supposed to understand the singer's voice, and there need to be lyrics not a bunch of words jumbled together.


I've heard some bad s*** before. Other reality stars eho want to be artists (remember Heidi Montag's attempt at a singing career lol? Paris Hilton?) I have friends in music, where early on, their demos where rudimentary and messy. However, these two songs of Farrah's TAKE THEE CAKE. I can't even describe all the technical things wrong with this song. And the music video? Well, I got extremely uncomfortable by the whole thing, and that takes a lot for me. I turned it off after 1:10. She's beyond embarrassing.


she must be going broke!


Oh wow i couldnt even take for a full minute these girls need to get an education and a life quit trying to get famous off of talents they clearly don't have


This girl seriously has issues... She is craving so much attention, it's scary. The song sounds like a freaking computer is reading it. UGH.


This is the most ridiculous shit I have ever heard. Does she not realize she is making a complete FOOL of herself. WOW! I am baffled anyone would want people to hear this. Shes so stupid I don't even feel sorry for her! And who would title a debut album, "My teenage dream ended?" GROW UP! You make me sick. I'm a 20 year old MARRIED mother of two and I would never even think about acting the way this whiney irresponsible brat acts.

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