Farrah Abraham "On My Own" Music Video: Even Worse Than Her First Song?!

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Farrah Abraham may have outdone herself, and we don't mean that in a good way.

We almost feel we owe the Teen Mom star an apology for debating whether her debut single, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" was the worst song ever.

Turns out it may not even be the worst song by this one aspiring artist! Our bad!

Overproduced and auto-tuned to an incomprehensible degree, "On My Own" is tough to understand, both visually and audibly. Do so at your own risk.

We don't know Farrah Abraham personally, and we're sure she's a very nice young woman and a good mother. But music may not be an ideal career path.

The video is basically a montage of amateur footage of Farrah and daughter Sophia, who's a real cutie, but the whole thing is bizarre to say the least.

FYI, "On My Own" corresponds to the chapter by the same name in Farrah's memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended. So if you've read it, that's cool maybe.

Tell us: What do you think of Farrah Abraham's song "On My Own"?


im sorry but you cant really tell what she is saying...i think farrah should quit SINGING//RAPPING asap...its making my ears bleed and she should focus on sophie and actually give a shit about her kid instead of making a music career let alone her attitude...i hate it and on the snow.
she is too prissy....SORRY FANS!


This is a joke right? I know April has passed, but any minute someone is going to yell, "April fools!" Someone, anybody..............


farrah farrah farrah... why do you talk to your daughter like she understands the nonsense coming out of your mouth, shes going to treat you like you treat your mother and youre going to be a looooooone bird the end...


Thought I would give her song a chance. I mean, how bad could it be? I listened and to be very honest, I am so at a loss of words!!


@Jp I don't think the comment about how she is in the bedroom was necessary.


@LoLo, omg I tweeted the exact same
thing a few weeks ago--regarding Sophia's readiness for toilet use and continued constant use of a pacifier so wrong! Dr. Drew Pinsky chastized Maci for Bentley still using one, he REALLY needs to with Farrah during the next follow-up. Maybe it only was a Maci Topic because her struggle with it was featured on the show. Clearly Farrah is fine with Sophia continually using the pacifier, despite it risking a malocclusion, speech problems (children can't properly lesrn to speak with a paci in their mouth--they never learn how they sound. OR can even get the words out!) Farrah is a mess in multiple ways. Her mother did a bang-up job of raising her! I feel badly that Derek died (even if they were broken up and possibly never going to work out), that it is stressful to juggle college, raising a child when you still are one. But she has this sense of entitement that is outrageous. And Sophia has no discipline and is a brat like her mom.


I dated Farrah for 2 months here in Florida she is a train wreck. Bi polar but doesn't take her meds. Left Sophia in the hot car once for 20 mins the valet called the police. Abuses her poor chihuahua.
She is worse then the show portrays if you can believe it. Oh and she's violent in the bedroom. Like almost but my ear and lip off violent


As soon as Farrah got a boyfriend she shipped the baby to her mother's. She is a brat, therefore Sophia acts like a brat. I was a teen mom & never behaved this way. Her apartment isn't even babyproofed. She lets a boy she barely knows take care of her daughter. The boyfriend dumped her after a short time. She seems impossible to please. She acts like the world owes her because she got knocked up. She treats her parents like crap & I would love to slap her in the face to wake her up. PS-if Sophia can use the toilet she no longer needs a pacifier!


Oh my, little miss Farrah once spoke of hitting 'rock bottom'? When the heck did that ever happen? She had (and took) mommy and step daddies cash to go forward then MTV gave her more! This is a girl who tried to claim her boob job was for her childs future. Whatever, Farrah clearly is a narcissist and in her mind all roads lead to her. Sophia is just an ends to a means. Without her Farrah would not be famous.
And the song-oh dear God it is painful! Why, oh why do I listen even when the people at THG warn me!
I think even Kim Kardashians painful song was better.


Wow,that was too painful.I could not even finish listening to the "song".I've always had a hard time just listening to her speak on the show and now this?I did not believe there was a worse sound than nails on a chalkboard but apparently there is

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