Farrah Abraham Admits Drug Use, Depression, Suicide Plan in New Book

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently felt so depressed that she considered suicide, she admitted in an interview while promoting her new book.

"All I could think about was killing myself," she says, and she even mapped out some specifics. "I figured I would drown myself in the bathtub."

"That seemed like the easiest way to go."

Farrah Abraham Book

In My Teenage Dream Ended, the now-21-year-old single mother says her lowest point occurred two years after her daughter Sophia's birth.

Raising Sophia alone, coupled with the tragic death of her ex, Derek Underwood, in a car accident when she was pregnant, was too much to bear.

"We hadn't spoken in more than two months," Farrah says about her ex-boyfriend, "but crazily I had still hoped we had a future together."

Before she was diagnosed with clinical depression, Farrah Abraham says she coped with her issues via alcohol, cocaine and marijuana abuse.

Only after therapy and medication is she "back on track."

"I was being selfish," she says. "The most important thing is making sure that [Sophia's] well taken care of - how am I going to do that if I'm dead?"

A fair point. One that Amber Portwood, who's allegedly tried to take her own life as well, should consider as she serves out her prison sentence.


wow.i seriously respect her now. She could have lied and said everything was 'butterflies and rainbows' after having sophia, but she chose to help other moms with her story. There are so many of us 'teen moms' and before these shows, we were put down (we still are), but now we have a show to help us see that we're not alone. I personally suffer with depression, and seeing her be so honest about her problems and her recovery makes me hopeful for my own future. Yes, teen pregnancy is a problem, but the teen moms sharing their stories can help prevent some girls from getting pregnant, and can also help the ones that have be more confident in their role as a new teen mother. THANK YOU MAKERS OF TEEN MOM, you're truly making a difference.


I dont know why you guys have to say mean stuff. At least she's not abusing drugs and not suicidal, and is getting her life on track. For all you sgit talkers are probably lamer than you are trying to make her out to be. She is doing just fine without you, so why bother trying to offend her?


Wow, I'm sure your 2 year old child would be SO proud to hear her mother speak like that. If you are 25, then grow the hell up because you have a CHILD and threatening violence will only make you look like a terrible mother. How about you all look at your lives before you bother to judge anyone else, no matter who they are. Pathetic.


Ok JP since you are NOT a doctor and we have doctors...what makes you an expert... By the way I have known her all her life, Im her father, Michael, yes the real deal! Larry you no better that dirt than the rumors you are saying..and Derp I am guess but are you not a Hoe too? or is your life pure as snow...ya'all are so judgemental!


I am disgusted that she would title her book My Teenage Dream Ended and include a picture of that beautiful little girl of hers on the cover.....as a 25 yr old mother of a 2 yr old i want to grab that bitch by her big nose and ram my knee into her face. Stupid Hoe!


I can't believe how much of a snoot Farrah is.... You ever notice she doesn't have any friends.. Gee I wonder why? I think the reason why she is so quick to get rid of a guy is so she can beat him to the punch! If I were a guy I'd tell her off real quick.. let her know just how much of a loser she really is as well as a B****h she is! If she spoke to me in that snotty tone of hers, I'd give her a good smack!!!


I know at least 3 guys that slept with Farrah since she moved to Florida and heard she isn't too fresh smelling down below either


Farrah is so desperate to sell books she's stooping to this level!! Too funny. I dated this girl she isn't depressed she's bi-polar.

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