Farrah Abraham Admits Drug Use, Depression, Suicide Plan in New Book

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently felt so depressed that she considered suicide, she admitted in an interview while promoting her new book.

"All I could think about was killing myself," she says, and she even mapped out some specifics. "I figured I would drown myself in the bathtub."

"That seemed like the easiest way to go."

Farrah Abraham Book

In My Teenage Dream Ended, the now-21-year-old single mother says her lowest point occurred two years after her daughter Sophia's birth.

Raising Sophia alone, coupled with the tragic death of her ex, Derek Underwood, in a car accident when she was pregnant, was too much to bear.

"We hadn't spoken in more than two months," Farrah says about her ex-boyfriend, "but crazily I had still hoped we had a future together."

Before she was diagnosed with clinical depression, Farrah Abraham says she coped with her issues via alcohol, cocaine and marijuana abuse.

Only after therapy and medication is she "back on track."

"I was being selfish," she says. "The most important thing is making sure that [Sophia's] well taken care of - how am I going to do that if I'm dead?"

A fair point. One that Amber Portwood, who's allegedly tried to take her own life as well, should consider as she serves out her prison sentence.


It was so hilarious to watch her get dumped on tonights episode! She sent that boy runnin for the hills with her desperation. I think shes such a little snot. Shes so rude to her mom and Michael. She needs to be bent over and smacked with a paddle shed prob like tjat though. Dumb hoe


No im not a hoe I had my son with my husband,whom i am still happily married too and i am allowed to talk how i choose cuz this is for a generally older audience i dont speak like that in front of my son. Oh and maybe big nose can take lessons from my son he can say please, thank you, and you're welcome among other great things, some simple polite words she could put in her vocabulary. Shes spoiled rotten and its disgusting! i mean her boyfriends are telling her to pack her bags and go home....LITERALLY!! all because she has no self control.....her words are like vomit it just doesnt stop....she should wake the fuck up and become a contributing member of society!!


I have very mixed feelings about this book coming out and the album, which I do think is god awful.. But whatever makes her feel better. I have family members who are bi-polar. You are who you are. I hope things work out great for them all


when is the book coming out i wanna how idiotic this women is..... shes a piece of shit to man kind and such a spoiled brat... n the way she is raising her daughter is wrong


shes on tv, if she didn't want people to say anything about her, maybe she needs to get the hell off teen mom.


How dare some of you to be so judgmental of her. Some ppl live & thrive on trying to break others down. She is living her life just like the rest of us, it just happens to be on tv. We all make choices, some good & some bad. We were all punished with free will. I don't necessarily agree with all her choices we see on TV but that's not place to judge her for that. There's only 1 man with that job so all of us need to focus on our own lives & leave the judging to him!


She is so rude to everyone that basically raised HER daughter while she was out partying all the time. She acts like the world owes her something! I was a teen mom and not once did I ever talk to my parents like that! She has a big head and a really skinny body!! UGLY BOBBLE HEAD! Her daughter is beautiful but shes going to act like a spoiled brat just like her MOTHER!

Kellie m

Sophia looks so beautiful. That's about all I have to say about the book.


My little sister is Bi-Polar. YES FARRAH SUFFERS FROM THIS DISORDER AS WELL! She's also an entitled little Bitch... And you know it Michael. So sorry you were forced to move all her shi# to Florida all the way from Iowa... Without so much as a "Thanks Dad, You're the Best!" Mother Debra sadly needs a good 12 step program. Those fish bowls of wine are a result of Farrah's antics. En RED Vino Veritas!


also, i think sophia will be proud of her mothers strength as she grows to be a teen herself.

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