Farrah Abraham Admits Drug Use, Depression, Suicide Plan in New Book

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently felt so depressed that she considered suicide, she admitted in an interview while promoting her new book.

"All I could think about was killing myself," she says, and she even mapped out some specifics. "I figured I would drown myself in the bathtub."

"That seemed like the easiest way to go."

Farrah Abraham Book

In My Teenage Dream Ended, the now-21-year-old single mother says her lowest point occurred two years after her daughter Sophia's birth.

Raising Sophia alone, coupled with the tragic death of her ex, Derek Underwood, in a car accident when she was pregnant, was too much to bear.

"We hadn't spoken in more than two months," Farrah says about her ex-boyfriend, "but crazily I had still hoped we had a future together."

Before she was diagnosed with clinical depression, Farrah Abraham says she coped with her issues via alcohol, cocaine and marijuana abuse.

Only after therapy and medication is she "back on track."

"I was being selfish," she says. "The most important thing is making sure that [Sophia's] well taken care of - how am I going to do that if I'm dead?"

A fair point. One that Amber Portwood, who's allegedly tried to take her own life as well, should consider as she serves out her prison sentence.


P.S. isn't it interesting that the most common reason for suicide committal in women is abortion? Gnaw on that... Oh and John, I'm not judging, it's fact And personal experience. Never been famous, never will be, and sure as hell wouldn't want to do it by getting pregnant on MTV. I wouldn't say this for all people who go through depression but isn't funny how many that do don't know what real struggle is? Maybe they never learned how to cope in life and maybe they just never had it hard enough... Still doesn't amaze me that people can be so opinionated and emotional about a certain issue and yet never put themselves BEYOND that person's shoes.


(cont) es.... FACT: Majority of women who kill their children and then try or do kill themselves have been SEVERLY emotionally, mentally, sexually, and physically abused, usually by their significant other. FACT: Women who kill their children are either psychopathic or selfish... And NO, this is not a judgment. FACT: For women who are depressed and try suicide, 75% of the time they only attempt; whereas men, who make up a very small fraction of the clinically depressed, commit it 75% of the time. FACT: DO YOUR RESEARCH AND GET COMMON SENSE BEFORE YOU POST YOUR 'LIBERATED OPINONS' ON THE INTERNET!


to EVERYONE trying to talk shit about Farrah take a step back and look at how ridiculous it makes you look i mean come on everyone has problems in life and EVERYONE deals with shit in their life differently and who are you to judge her your truly insignificant everyone commenting on this is a NOBODY even myself im not famous in anyway and neither are you so why dnt you guys just chill out and stop giving the poor girl so much shit and realize that every mother has issues
with their new role from teen moms to old moms!! It's truly sad how far in the wrong direction as a species we are rude and way to quick to judge people and tell sumone what they are doing wrong give the poor girl a break she doesnt need you nobodys badmouthing her


I don't think Farrah is a bad mom. Yes you will have it out time to time with your mom and dad. She is sweet and kind and very cute she doesn't need to kill herself she needs help. I would love to meet her and take her out on a date.


she is a worthless piece of shit mother. and she looks ugly as sin when she cries...notice how on the cover she looks all done up and her kid looks like she hasnt even had a bath or her hair brushed? and shes posing for the camera with her daughter behind her trying for her attention? what a horrible lowlife selfish c*nt


Jasmine you couldn't have said it better!! There are things we don't know about her child hood! They must not have good memories as children because even her sister is that way with her parents!! No one knows but so quick to judge!!! So annoyed>=/


you for those of you who dont realize this is reality television seriously. We did not know Farrahs life before she got pregnant with Sophia and we only know the 30 minute clip we get once a week. Yes she may seem rude to her parents(she needs to honor her days they have left on this earth) but we dont know her child hood struggle with her parents. I am a 21 year old mom who goes to school full time and would love to prove to my son mommy was young but she made it. And Farrah, that is what you have to live for to prove to Sophia that you will make it. And all you ignorant people who woukd come on here and say something about Derek. He was young and Sophia is still his daughter and Farrah sees him in her everyday do you honestly think she would forget about him because of a harsh comment he made. Farrah you are beautiful and so is your daughter. Everyone else does not matter and neither does there approval


No one knows how she really feels!! I suffer from depression and anxiety and would never wish that upon anyone!!! I have never thought of suicide but everyone handles it differently? But to say Sophia is better off w/o her is just harsh!! No child deserves to be w/o a mother!!! Sophia loves her beyond all that. Some ppl are just so judgemental!!!


look i umderstand her she got issues like all of us .everyony deals with their issues in different she saw there was another person to think so she straightened up n did wat she needed to so stiop freaking hating


Farrah was a horrible daughter, mother and friend. She treated her mom like shit and could barely handle shopia. Im 23 just raising a daughter by myself and I would never disrespect my parents like that or be so damn ungrateful for everything I was given. Horrible person award goes to Farrah

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