Farrah Abraham Admits Drug Use, Depression, Suicide Plan in New Book

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently felt so depressed that she considered suicide, she admitted in an interview while promoting her new book.

"All I could think about was killing myself," she says, and she even mapped out some specifics. "I figured I would drown myself in the bathtub."

"That seemed like the easiest way to go."

Farrah Abraham Book

In My Teenage Dream Ended, the now-21-year-old single mother says her lowest point occurred two years after her daughter Sophia's birth.

Raising Sophia alone, coupled with the tragic death of her ex, Derek Underwood, in a car accident when she was pregnant, was too much to bear.

"We hadn't spoken in more than two months," Farrah says about her ex-boyfriend, "but crazily I had still hoped we had a future together."

Before she was diagnosed with clinical depression, Farrah Abraham says she coped with her issues via alcohol, cocaine and marijuana abuse.

Only after therapy and medication is she "back on track."

"I was being selfish," she says. "The most important thing is making sure that [Sophia's] well taken care of - how am I going to do that if I'm dead?"

A fair point. One that Amber Portwood, who's allegedly tried to take her own life as well, should consider as she serves out her prison sentence.


People need to stop bashing farrah she fucking good mom yea she may be meaning to her parents but Daym he parents wont let her do her on some real shit....#teamFARRAH WOW TEEN MOM ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! HAAH add me on Facebook Adrian Lopez
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If this is how you spend your day, you need to kill yourself. Farrah is a nice girl with a good heart. People handle different situations in their own way so nobody has any reason to judge her in ANY way. Its laughable that you people say she needs to grow up yet she is raising her kid being a good mom and NOT talking shit about a person she doesnt even know on a website. You stay classy shrews. Boom Im out


The only reason Farrah cant cope with the loss of the father of her child, or dont know how to handle her child is because she is babied. She is used to having an easy life and everything handed to her. I'm not trying to bash her im saying everyones making a big deal shes gone through so much... My mom found my father dead and she raised 4 kids on her own, 2 of them with cognitive disabilitys ranging from 6 to 15. She had no help like Farrah gets. I am glad though that it seems her life is getting better for her between her and her parents & as for the book, I do have to agree, Sophia is going to see that and think that she was a mistake. I hope the best for this family.


First of all all you immature people out there that don't have anything nice to say you should just keep your mouth shut i think Farrah is a great mom and i have watched the show. The girl has been threw alot so its not a suprise that she was feeling depressed she doesnt deserve to be critized it is not easy being a single mom and raising a child on your own and i personally think she is doing a great Job so for all you negative people out there get a life.


Kirbs, your a fucking idiot I have depression and have thought about suicide many times just cuz she isn't perfect doesn't mean it didn't happen and that she still doesn't need help. Iv personally never watched the show abs don't care to it just pisses me off when stupid bitches sit at home and talk all this shit.


She full of it. She needs to start being a mom


Farrah is a rude beotch and she knows it!!! she is very disrespectful to her parents, she should be punished badly. she is retarded aswell. I wish she would get off the damn tv. shes a fake cunt period!!! spoiled hoe


I just can't understand why everyone keep saying poor Farrah she lost he significant other???? How is that yes it's sad Sophi won't no her father, but would she have anyway. Farrah wanted nothing to do with him and didn't want him having anything to do with the baby....until his death. Big surprise then all the noond knows what I went thru starts what was that u chose to complete cut him from ur life way before his death!!!! I feel for his family because she just uses his death to her benifit!!!!


Am I the only one that sees what she is doing? I am no one to judge Farrah but seriously this girl is capable of doing anything for fame and money. Never have I seen her do anything JUST for her little girl, and this drug and suicide bs is all for a book.. are you kidding me? Farrah should've just left the baby with her mom, oh wait I forgot.. that wouldn't have worked because she needs her babygirl to become famous. -_-


Having suffered from depression myself on and off for the last few years, I know that this it's an extremely sensitive topic, but knowing this girl, I really wouldn't be surprised if the suicide "planning" was total bullshit. I mean, the human body physically can't drown itself, so...

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