Expendables 2 Wins Box Office, Cosmopolis Impresses

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The Expendables 2 blasted its way to the top of the box office this weekend, but Robert Pattinson also had a few thousand reasons to smile.

While the Sylvester Stallone-penned action flick earned nearly $30 million and easily out-garnered The Bourne Legacy for the number-one ranking, Pattinson's Cosmopolis - his first movie since news of the Kristen Stewart affair broke - grossed $72,000 at just three theaters.

That gave Cosmopolis the weekend's biggest per-screen average. So take that, D.B. Sweeney!

As Eric Packer

Sparkle - which featured Whitney Houston in her final big screen performance - landed in fifth place. But it sported the Top 10's best per-theater average after The Expendables 2.

Here is a look at that top 10 from Friday and Saturday:

  1. The Expendables 2, $28.8 million
  2. The Bourne Legacy, $17 million
  3. ParaNorman, $14 million
  4. The Campaign, $13.4 million
  5. Sparkle, $12 million
  6. The Dark Knight Rises, $11.1 million
  7. The Odd Life of Timothy Green, $10.9 million
  8. Hope Springs, $9.1 million
  9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, $3.9 million
  10. Total Recall, $3.5 million

I saw Expendables 2 Fri. Aug. 17th and I'll just say 2 words; Phenomenally Awesome! Well,maybe 3 more: Cinematic History---Squared! I don't know why these Incredible powerhouse action stars of my youth took so long to do a collaboration like this but---I'm very glad they finally Did! These are the kind of movies I live for!
Speaking of which: I was recently released from Federal Prison(for the final time)on August 15th(wed,)and a better 'Celebration for Freedom' movie couldn't have premiered at a better time!
THANK YOU MR. STALLONE & COMPANY! You guys are Legendary and well you should be!! Looking forward to the next installment 'Exp'-3?!(Sorry to rush you. Just love these films,bro'! Just love these films)...Sincerely; Author 'Hollywood'.


Yahhh!! ...and Swiney thinks that he did the right moves! His statement is very insulting to the Stewarts. Jules Stewart should not send him invites when K11 opens. He is a pig...a very old pig!


his "Divorce" is giving a helping hand to the box office.

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