Evelyn Lozada to Break Silence on Good Morning America

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Evelyn Lozada is ready to break her silence.

The Basketball Wives star has cut herself off entirely from the press since Chad Johnson head-butted her (allegedly), and has not spoken a word to the former NFL standout.

Her media blackout will end with an interview on Good Morning America.

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Chad was cut loose by the Miami Dolphins days after his arrest, and VH1 pulled the duo's reality show. She filed for divorce in the wake of his domestic violence arrest.

Both have been laying extremely low of late.

Evelyn Lozada decided to do her first post-split interview with the ABC morning show because of Robin Roberts, who she respects her so much as a journalist.

Robin is stepping aside from GMA to undergo a bone marrow transplant, however, and Evelyn's interview will now be conducted by Amy Robach.

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I wonder if she believes in Karma. She's a violent, mean spirited woman. I don't condone violence, especially from a man to a woman but what goes around comes around. She's upset that he cheated but she was the side piece to many a man. Did she not feel for their wives?


Sucks that his career is now ruined. She knows it wasn't the only one at fault but she can live with that. Karma is a B****!!!


really?! was hoping she would just be quiet and go away... gold digger has to dig I guess


I wonder if she's gonna talk about what an abusive, violent person SHE is. She's as much a dirtbag as he is and just as violent. Probably more so bc she's done this sort of thing MANY times. Now she's gonna play the victim. Give me a break. Hypocrite.