Evelyn Lozada: Radio Silent Since Chad Johnson Arrest, Divorce

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Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada has not been heard for even once since being allegedly attacked by and filing for divorce from Chad Johnson a week ago.

Considering this is Evelyn Lozada we're talking about, it's noteworthy.

The reality star reportedly skipped out on an appearance at a book exposition, where she was expected to show up alongside RHONJ's Teresa Giudice.

She also nixedsome upcoming speaking arrangements. Wonder why.

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The celebrity wife and author reportedly decided to cancel all public appearances after losing her husband (and upcoming reality show) tumultuously.

On August 11, Lozada apparently found a receipt for condoms in her car, which sparked a heated argument with hubby Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson.

The now-unemployed NFL star allegedly headbutted his wife, was arrested for domestic violence, and she filed to divorce Chad Johnson days later.

We'll never know for sure what happened, but the best case scenario still has her living with a serial cheater who head-butted her by mistake.

The worst case? He deliberately head-butted her, then prowled around the area looking for her as she hid out at their neighbor's (see 911 call).

Either way, the marriage was likely doomed from the start, and judging by the swiftness of his release by the Dolphins, Chad's career may be too.

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Well none of us know these people personally so I dont think Evelyn should be bashed like this. I feel bad for any person man or woman that deals with domestic violence its just not cool. If he was cheating before the marriage then he shouldnt have gotten married things you do in the dark will always come to light. He had no right to head butt her, when she started the argument he coulx have walked away but because he didnt he messed his job up now thats stupid. As for Evelyn she will bounce back and be fine.


well I feel sorry for evelyn cos her heart is broken by a man she thought she knew intill now- her head might be scar for life, the pain from a broken heart is heavy, we all done got mad at people from time to time NOBODY PEFECT BUT God I'm not gone call it sympathy I just don't believe a man should hit a women regardless FOR ALL U FEMALES WHO ARE GLAD THIS HAPPEN TO HER wait till it happens to you , what you wish on other will turn back around in come to you,you'll see just wait


So sad. I believe all humans have redeeming values. Evelyn did present herself as a bully on BBW; but, is that the real Evelyn. Domestic violence is ugly and has no place in civilized society. Although Evelyn is Evelyn I wish her well and hope she will overcome the embarrassment of this situation. Maybe now Evelyn can understand why Jennifer filed suit against Nia.


Evelyn knew what the h3ll it was from the start. If u can get him easy, u will more than likely loose him easy. Jennifer tried to warn her but in a messed up way. Evelyn keep yoir legs closed and focus on your little fu@%ing business. You have been a poor excuse of a woman. Sadly your daughter has to witness and count all your menz. You were knew Chad wasnt sh*t but still tried to put on this front like all was good. Evelyn is a clown who needs to retire her wrinkle pu$$y and represent herself as the beautiful woman she is.


Every single hotel on Miami Beach (where they live) turned down the wedding, they were not interested in being associated with Evelyn Lozada. They must all be laughing..... But then again, we all saw this coming. Evelyn is a liability, nobody wants her associated with their brand. The good people of St.Martin became her latest victim!
Chad what the heck were you thinking getting tied up with this mess, really? What's wrong with you that you would be attracted to such a vile, lowdown, violent out of control, dumb human being?


I wonder which NBA basketball star Evelyn is gonna go after next/bully/possibly destroy..........


If there's any monies that needs to be paid out to the government of St. Maarten then Chad needs to be the one paying them off. Yep, that's fair because he is the one that fucked everything up. To top it off Ms. Shiner opened her slimy mouth and said that the two of them started having the affair months before the wedding. This obviously means that this man was not serious about getting married and went up there before God and everyone and made a vow. He wasted the people's time and money therefore he need's to pay up as soon as he's employed. One thing though St Maarten just hold up VH1 may just still run the show once Evelyn's divorce is granted. Afterall, we still wants to see Anthony and Sylvia this was like his last few days. We know at least the event was special to Anthony because it was something he could not do for his wife finacially because of the cancer sickness.


Chad should have never ever EVER married her goldigging a--! She's been thru most of the NBA players (as Royce) pointed out long ago. Why he chose her is beyond me but I hope she reaps what she sowed.....I can't stand her


If she wouldn't behave herself for her daughters sake, you know she's capable of anything, hate how she used chads kids in her twitter for publicity. You were r & stepmother to 4 impressionable young females and you chose to talk about salad tossing and having anal sex. you chose to abuse younger females, tried to physically harm them over rubbish using bottles and fists...only thing between you and jail is that your aim was off when you threw that bottle....now, you have taken the breadwinner of 4 children and you have destroyed him... You, Evelyn are a truly evil and worthless human being.


Looks to me like she is playing for sympathy, setting up to probably try to take whatever little chad has left. Ironic, she destroyed him. But I have to say, I saw this coming. ... Some people are just plain evil, have no redeeming qualities and can't be saved. She's one of them. What is wrong with Chad to have been attracted to somthing like that... She looks and acts like a man and is mentally ill.

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