Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson: It's OVER!

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Evelyn Lozada has filed to divorce Chad Johnson, not even six weeks after they got married. She filed legal documents just moments ago in Florida.

Caiming her marriage is "irretrievably broken," Evelyn was clearly motivated by the fight this weekend that led to her man's domestic violence arrest.

Even before the fight went nuclear - he's accused of head-butting her (listen to the Chad Johnson 911 call here) - the union was on shaky ground.

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Photo

Lozada allegedly found a receipt for condoms in the duo's car and flew off the handle, resulting in an altercation that landed the football player behind bars.

There was no coming to his defense afterward, either. Instead, Evelyn Lozada ripped him in the media for not taking responsibility for his actions.

According to the divorce documents, the couple had a prenuptial agreement in place. Good thing for Johnson, as he's also out of an NFL job now.

Evelyn and Chad got married in St. Maarten in July 4, with the wedding filmed for their VH1 reality show ... which was canceled before it even aired.

The only person with reason to smile now? Kim Kardashian. Compared to Ev & Ocho, her marriage looks like a long-lasting, non-violent success.

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@Renee you dumb racist trash ! Who says stupid shit like that in the year 2012 ??? Please go back to 1953 when it was cool to be racist and ignorant and take all the racist trash with you because it's embarassing to have yall living in 2012 !


why will a man hit a woman? most men are cowards


I read where he said that SHE headbutted him.....after watching her on tv, I would agree with that.


I feel sorry for him.....she is a mean drunk and a gold digger..... He's an idiot not to see that, though.....


@Renee, shut the fuck up! There are so many beautiful black women all around..


Because most hispanic women are BEAUTIFUL compared to a black or white woman... I wouldnt want my child to have nappy hair either!!


Oh heck no! You don't beat on your woman. He don't deserve to have no job now. And BTW to Mvzee...she's white??? I didn't thinks she looked white. I'm mixed all up now.


She may have known what she was gettig when she married him, and she may have over-reacted about the condoms, BUT....no man should lay a hand on a woman. He is getting what he deserved. I hope he learns from his mistakes. It's a shame to throw it all away like that.


Its simply sad how we continue to glorified this kind of behavior. Reality TV has become the new best entertainment. I am not surprised their marriage came to an end...I'm shocked it lasted this long. In one of the episodes of BWs she said she had no problems of him sleeping with someone as longs as he was upfront with her. He has been consistent since the begining of their relationship. Why is she upset that she found comdems receipts in his car. She knew what type of man she married and already gave him the okay. I don't feel sorry for her playing the victim and using this situation to capitalize for greed and money. No one will really know what happen only the two involved. I'm not taking anyone side but I believe man should never put his hands on a women get sister to do work..


Dang Chad......you didn't know...??... she had caught more BALLS THAN YOU...WOW..AND YOU MARRIED THAT TRICK NOW UR ALL F** CKED UP

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