Ellen DeGeneres Makes Like Miley, Copies Haircut

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Hey, did you hear that Miley Cyrus chopped off most of her hair? And dyed it blonde?

It's true. Photos are all over the singer's Twitter account, as are a series of defensive statements and inspirational quotes in response to mounting criticism over the look.

It's all about self love, Cyrus wrote yesterday.

Ellen DeGeneres vs. Miley

But there's at least one celebrity who doesn't just like Miley's new look... she's copied it!

Despite already owning a hairstyle not too dissimilar from Cyrus' new short locks, Ellen DeGeneres Tweeted the above image of herself in a wig and gave the 19-year old props today, writing that she loves the revamped 'do.

What do you think? Which of these stars wears this cut better?


And thank you Lisa for stating proper information unlike these people who like to think they know it all and believe everything they hear.


Learn proper english before you try putting me in my place you sound like a idiot with every word that comes out of your uneducated mouth. First off she did NOT donate her hair if you knew anything about the donation process it has to be a certain length and cannot be BLEACH both of which she did not qualify for. Thanks again though for making yourself look / sound like a fool.


I don't care for it, but it's her business. But, c'mon, Miley honey, cut the bullshit as far as donating your hair. GUIDELINES are very specific-NO BLEACHED HAIR. It must be @ least 6" in length, so cut the donation crap, if you will. Your making a bigger ass of yourself!


Bitches please... Y'ALL ALL JUST JEALOUS AS HELL, want me to tell you why? If not oh well cause I am anyway. Y'all jealous cause Miley ROCKS ANY STYLE of hair... And who's to say that she didn't donate it, U HERE BEST FRIEND? Don't think so... She could've donate it to a private charity & she didn't tell anyone publicly cause BITCHES like y'all would be complaining that she's an attention seeking whore... Meanwhile, y'all are laughing a joking about her hair, SHE'S LAUGHING AT YALLS BANK ACCOUNT BITCHES! Grow up & go f*** yourself... Cause Miley is the HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE. BYE HATERS ;)


Do any of you legit "know" her? Or are you going by what has been said? Maybe she did do it for donation, maybe she didn't. WHO THE FUCK CARES. People can have different opinions, if they wish. So there really isn't any need to be a snobby bitch about it. "wow" If that's what you've read or if you actually talked to her about it, then so be it. "Opinionated" Same for you, if that's what you've read then whatever. If she's happy then let her be happy. It's really not a BFD it be honest. So shut you're mouths and go on with your lives. :)


Anything to get herself back in the spot light. Hey I got an idea, why don't u cut ur wrists instead. Dumb bitch


Saying that she donated her hair is complete bullshit , a fan of hers said that to make the situation sound better. She had her hair done and cut off a bit prior to this new cut. Anyways her hair was 1.bleached and 2.too short to donate as well as bleached hair is not able to be donated. Learn what you say before you speak and make yourself sound stupid. Also she has not mentioned a single word about cutting it for donation .. She did it purely because she wanted to , she always has wanted to do it since she was younger.
I'm not a huge fan of it she doesn't look horrible but she's herself and she's happy that's all that matters


Why is hair such a big deal? First willow now Miley. All girls don't have to wear their hair long. She is kind of seeking attention with all these twitter pics but I think complaining about her hair is weird. Its her hair. Do what u want with it Miley.


I personally like it. People are flipping their shit. She donated the rest of her hair. THAT'S why she cut it. I mean people have their right to an opinion, but jeez. It gets a little old when people insult or give her crap because she chopped her hair, (for a great reason). When half of the assholes don't even know why she did it. Don't be so quick to judge someone when you don't even know the reason behind their actions. I mean, like she even gives two shits what anyone has to say about her anyways. She's happy with the way she looks and the reason she did it, and that's all that matters. To be quite honest.


it looks dumb an she calls it self love really. i think it was more of an attention grab because the last one fizzled out quickley .

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