Ellen DeGeneres Makes Like Miley, Copies Haircut

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Hey, did you hear that Miley Cyrus chopped off most of her hair? And dyed it blonde?

It's true. Photos are all over the singer's Twitter account, as are a series of defensive statements and inspirational quotes in response to mounting criticism over the look.

It's all about self love, Cyrus wrote yesterday.

Ellen DeGeneres vs. Miley

But there's at least one celebrity who doesn't just like Miley's new look... she's copied it!

Despite already owning a hairstyle not too dissimilar from Cyrus' new short locks, Ellen DeGeneres Tweeted the above image of herself in a wig and gave the 19-year old props today, writing that she loves the revamped 'do.

What do you think? Which of these stars wears this cut better?


No spelling mistakes in my posts so I think you need to reread or learn to spell yourself.


At this time and age,people arguing about someone's hair?That's ridiculous.


Wow- you're the funniest. Criticizing others for their Grammer and making about 5 mistakes within that very post. Then there's your filthy offensive language...Yeah, that's right, it's everyone else that's stupid... Couldn't be you, right?


Wow the spelling and grammar in the comments and this article are about as appalling as Miley's haircut. Instead of arguing about this stupid shit maybe you should put your energy into something that actually matters!


These comments with all the derogatory stuff is sad. Some people are misspelling words and the sentences don't make sense. If you think that you are going to make a mistake write down what you want to say then make your corrections then post a comment. lmao


First off she cut and bleached her hair a week before she did this. Secondly you are an uneducated c*unt clearly you are unable to read. In my first comment it says about how if she's happy then that's all that matters. There's never been me bashing her or about her new hair. Point proven you are a dumb illerate b*tch ! Learn to speak so you quit sounding so stupid with your remarks.


@Lisa her hair was wayyyyy longer than 6" as well as it was not bleached when she donated it. So cut the crap and get a brain.


@Seriously? Thank you so much, you are absolutely amazing, don't let them call you "uneducated" lol.


@lisa and wow: It really isn't that big of a deal. Let people believe what they want, unless you've talked to Miley or whomever that is in contact with her, let them say and/or believe what they want. Proper information or not. Leave it the hell alone, I mean Jesus. You guys are arguing over some rumor. Being bitches about it to someone whom you will never encounter on a tabloid site is a bit childish, to be honest. Just let it go, like really. She cut her hair, blah blah. No one really cares. Get lives and then come back when you aren't being snooty.


Lol, shut up... Too bad I am educated. And I'm getting off of here cause it's real pathetic that you sit on here and hate on Miley... Like I said, it could've been a private donation center... So get the f*** off. Too me, in my "UNEDUCATED" OPINION, you're just a pathetic soul wishing you looked HALF as good as Miley's self ;) bye bye haters!

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