Ellen DeGeneres Makes Like Miley, Copies Haircut

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Hey, did you hear that Miley Cyrus chopped off most of her hair? And dyed it blonde?

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    I liked the first picture of Miley with the new haircut, it was a side view, but the frontal shot makes her nose appear rather round.

    All the cosmetologist better figure out how to do this cut. It will be in demand..


    But really I'm just some computer generated bi*ch , fake .. An alien ET baby ;)


    When I speak I speak how I like to I know how to spell talk and write in proper english , but I am ME and speak how I want. I spell correctly. These other dumb bi*tches don't know the definition of the english litterature. And no I did not say anything remotely like that calling wow & lisa fat. I said these other idiots on here trying to bring them down and bash them are in reality probably fat dumb ho*s who think they are tough behind a computer screen. Not once was that a " hey wow & lisa " ya'll are fat pigs " now was it. I do agree with every word they have spoken. And " fake " buddy , at least I have the decency to say my name unlike your " hahaahha " name.


    @audrina - imma c*unt: says the person whose BOTH comments are misspelled horribly. Practice before you preach, and first you're with Lisa and WOW and then your calling them fat and then you're with them again? Make up your mind, jeez. You seem fake, and are trying (quite terribly) to start something that doesn't need to be. Get a life.


    Why argue over a gossip site? You'll never meet any of these people. Some of them are wrong, I agree. But if they want to believe she donated it, let them. @Wow, I'm not going to "hate" or "bash" or whatever, but there are other ways to point out someones mistakes instead of calling them "C*nts" or "B*tches" Let. Them. Believe. What. They. Want. Why waste your time trying to prove them wrong. Let them figure it out themselves. It's not a huge deal. In reality all you're arguing over is, hair, information, spelling, and whatever else. I didn't read all of the comments because it's silly. I'm just stating my humble opinion, I'm not looking to start anything else that hasn't already been started. So just squash it.


    Oh man.... I can not believe all that I have read.... In utter shock. I hope you ladies all realize that this fighting is pointless. I'm not bashing or hating on ANY of you, but I just had to hopefully see if any of have sat back and re-read any of your conversations to one another? Come on now, you have to admitt it's pretty darn hilarious once you understand what your fighting about and where it spawned from...so honestly step back and ask yourselves if this comments back and forth were ever really worth your time and effort. Stop bullying eachother.


    what the fuck this is photoshopped. the image on the left is originally Miley Cyrus.


    Miley looks good the pic shes in with the red lip stick she kinda looks like Madonna I think that it was a good idea for her to cut her hair she looks better at least she doesn't look like no pin up girl miley you look good i love her look dont gut why some of you ppl are hating her new hair look shes changing her style to like Madonna so let her do her

    xoxo m.t hahah


    Said ya'll sounded like uneducated bi*tches. Oh no he / she made a spelling mistake least dey kno how to speak english not some fu*king jibberish bullsh*t wit every other word spelt wrong not makin sense in anything that was said. Those 2 seem to kno what dey be talkin bout mon. I couldn't agree more wit everythannng those 2 said. Now for the rest of ya'lls lookin da disabled part bein keyboard warriors over here why don't ya'll beat it get back in school learn to speak and read above a grade 1 level. Beaaaat it !


    illiterate* was the misspelled word in the post. Oh no a mistake. Looks like someone needs to learn to count to 5 again.

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