Elizabeth Banks Supports Planned Parenthood, President Obama in New Campaign Ad

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Elizabeth Banks is doing her part to help President Obama's 2012 reelection bid, extolling the virtues of Planned Parenthood in a new campaign ad.

The 38-year-old Hunger Games actress released a new video praising Obama and Planned Parenthood, while sharing some very personal anecdotes.

Watch the campaign spot below and see what you think:

"Planned Parenthood was my healthcare provider when I didn't have insurance after graduating from college," she says, before delving into detail.

"Yes, I got birth control but it was for massive migraine headaches and my heavy flow," Banks admits. "Yeah, I'm on record saying I had a heavy flow."

"And, unfortunately, these are the things I don't want to discuss with employers."

The actress points out that Obama's opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, has said he would cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

She argues that "95%" of Planned Parenthood's services are not controversial, yet it's become a lightning rod for political controversy.

"For that little 5% that Mitt Romney decides he doesn't agree with, he's going to take away cancer screenings. What is he doing?" she asks.

"He's going to take away people's access to health care close by ... We're talking about working-class ladies who need health care."

"President Obama has not compromised on women's rights," she says, "And that's why President Obama needs to stay in office."

Who do you want to win the 2012 election?


I am all for health care for all including women, but to have the government tell me that i have to be on birth coltrol or that if i dont have health care i am going to be placed in jail. Sorry Obama. This is a free country i have the right to choose if i want to take a pill. And if i dont have the right health care because you want to get rid of mine, then you SIR need to get off your tush and do something about the crisis that you placed us in. This way i can afford to have the right health care. I just thank God that i live in a state where they provide free health care to women. God Bless Wisconsin.


The supreme court will never overturn R vs. W. Planned Parenthood Donors- Bill Gates- Bank One- United Way-.Playboy-American Express to name a few. The Senate has already voted NOT to defund this organization. This argument is as old as legalizing marijuana.


I don't like what president obama has done while he has been in office and I don't want to see him back in office but I will say that if mitt romney wants to take away planned parenthood and health insurance I.e. acchs then he shouldn't be in office either cause if he does then he is killing me because I'm on that type of health care that helps my doctors to keep track/evaluated my type of cancer that I have. So piss on romney if he takes away health care plans like plan parenthood.

Wv peach

Planned Parenthood is a Godsend for women without insurance. How many people actually know that they handle all medical issues, not just gynecological? For women without any chance of seeing a doctor due to being uninsured, PP is the only way. To those who think it's solely about birth control, you couldn't be more wrong.


DEMOCRATS has done extensive research while spending millions of Taxpayer dollars and studies show that if you can keep your legs closed that is the safest method of planned parenthood.


Are people serious about not having planned parent hood??wow, are people that stupid?i don't know if i would vote for obama again,i would never vote for rommney.. health care, we need what ever we can get..rich don't know how hard it is for the poor, they don't have a clue.. the hardest descition, they have, is were to go on vacation next, or if their two million doller house is enough.. people are against abortion, even if someone was raped , no one sees anything wrong with this?? Planned parent hood needs to stay..


Obama 2012!


Elizabeth is such a dumb bimbo!


When I was just out of college and didn't have insurance........ Oh cry cry cry! How bought a condom Liz? Maybe you should keep that canyon closed? Huh? This little whinning bullshitter is not near estaished enough to have millions of republican movie goers blackball her ass. Don't make statements like that until youve made your money! Yes- another " PUDDIN HEAD CELEB" trying to use their podium and act as if someone gives a shit about their view! Can Liz tell anyone what Obama has in store for a recovery plan with the economy?


I love it when these celebrities take a stand yet they are oblivious to anything that relates to the "common man".
Look, Planned parenthood can be a helpful service but is it really worth what we pay in taxes for it? The answer is absolutely not. The economy is the most important issue in concerns to not only the US but the entire planet. We need to make a lot of cuts and unfortunately Planned Parenthood is one of them because IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE TO RUN.

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