Dog the Bounty Hunter Denied UK Visa Due to 1976 Murder Conviction

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Duane Chapman (a.k.a. Dog the Bounty Hunter) is being denied a visa to enter the UK based on a murder conviction more than 35 years ago.

Yes ... Dog was found responsible for someone's death in 1976.

A 1976 homicide case that ended with Chapman's conviction for murder bars him from setting foot in Britain, The UK's Guardian reports.

The 59-year-old was reportedly scheduled to appear there on Celebrity Big Brother until immigration officials booted his visa application.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Pic

Way back in 1976, Jerry Oliver of Pampa, Texas, was shot and killed by one of Duane/Dog Chapman's companions during a botched pot deal.

Although Chapman was reportedly waiting in a vehicle at the time, he was still found guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison.

He was released after 18 months. The reality star has expressed remorse many times. "I should not have been there, that's that."

Dog the Bounty Hunter was canceled after eight seasons on A&E. The network said in May it would no longer air the popular series.

Dog, whose family had recently been the target of death threats, claimed that negotiations between him and the network broke down.



dog my wife and i love series need more episodes on english tv


Dog looks like a dog chewing on a load of wasps. Im glad his been denyed entry, were got enough law breakers of our own, so we dont need to start inporting them.


He may have changed but he did a bad thing and you say hes great tell that to the family and friends of the victim no thoughts for them i see


I love Dog The Bounty Hunter and the whole entire time. I hate to hear that the show has been canceled. I will still watch reruns.And Terri made a comment saying Leland was "HOT". I agree 100%.


I love all the positive comments,at least some people have some sense. For all of the people that are posting negative comments, I hope you don't have children of your own or children that look up to you because you are showing them a poor example of a mature adult. Or maybe you are children yourselves.


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Its so sad that there r people who doesn't believe in the bible anymore. No one is any better than the rest of us. I don't understand why people r so negitive. I know whatever was done was wrong,but that was way back then. God has forgivin him why can't u. He is a hero to many children. U have ur right to feel the way u do but please at least think bout what god would do.


Leland is hot.


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