Deneeta Pope, Paul Ryan Ex-Girlfriend, Wishes V.P. Hopeful Well Despite Political Differences

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Deneeta Pope, the African-American ex-girlfriend of Republican V.P. nominee Paul Ryan, wants nothing to do with the upcoming Presidential election.

She's also a Barack Obama supporter, though she wishes Ryan well.

Ryan mentioned in an interview years ago that he's experienced racism in part because he has a black sister-in-law as well as a black ex-girlfriend.

This came up again recently after some of Ryan's policies have been criticized - fairly or otherwise - as detrimental to the African-American community.

Deneeta Pope has since been ID'd ... and wishes she hadn't been.

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Paul Davis Ryan

Pope said yesterday, a day after Paul Ryan's acceptance speech at the RNC, "I'm not interested in talking. I don't know why everyone is calling."

"I'm newly married and would just like to be left alone."

Deneeta did speak briefly on the newly-minted V.P. hopeful, though, telling the Daily Mail that while she remains an ardent Barack Obama backer, she can't help but cheer for the #2 man on the GOP 2012 ticket at the same time.

Pope, 40, said, "I am indeed a Democrat. That’s no secret. But although I have a different political association to Paul, I support him and wish him success."

"Paul is a very nice guy, a kind guy and a family guy."

Daneeta says that she remains in touch with the Wisconsin Congressman; Paul and his wife, Janna Ryan, were even invited to Pope's wedding in May.

Wonder if she has a Paul Ryan shirtless pic or two of her own.

Election 2012:


Being black does not give you the authority to think you have this god given gift to label someone racist! News flash pecker head- Blacks in today's world are the most racist around! Whites have always desired black women? Who the hell are you a black college professor? Not hard to see why you struggle. You are not the special ones!


Ryan could be married to an African-American woman with three bi-racial children and have his African-American mother-in-law living with him and a top donator to the United Negro College Fund....and STILL those race-baiting liberals would label him a racist pig! It's refreshing to look at new polls and research showing the voters are NOT buying the strategies of the liberal nuts out there. It took awhile but these "Sleeping Beauties" are finally waking up! It kills me how the liberals feel they are the only ones who have a right to control the debate on racial issues. That they are the only ones worthy of dictating to the rest of the nation! We ALL have a place at the table, libs, keep it in mind! And now I hope that gradually ALL Americans will feel empowered to weigh in rather than be bullied by the accusations and innuendos of a political party whose liberal policies are keeping the minorities down. But good news...the tide is turning! Romney-Ryan 2012


@Desi The liberals are obviously runnin' scared...and outta gas regarding any real, credible political strategy. Thus, they resort to these base attacks. It's sign of desperation and though annoying, should encourage those of the conservative persuasion that it's lookin' great for the Romney-Ryan team. I believe Americans, especially undecideds as well as the independent swing voters have awakened to the a new reality. They are seeing Obama/Biden for what they are and are now feeling they can vote down the 1st Black Prez based on the reality he's not up to the job and has failed miserably and makes no excuses for it. If I'm right? That's all that matters. It then means that we have a GOP victory in Nov. A chance to pull back America from the curb of economic destruction.


It's really pathetic how liberals assume wealthy white men MUST be racist. Why don't you hold Obama accountable for everything he has done wrong so far rather than try and dig dirt on Ryan when there is no dirt to dig?
Ditto to everything Smiling Bob said. Peggy Sue, you really aren't intelligent enough to read a blog, let alone comment on one.


@Peggy Sue, I suspect that Deeneta would be a better judge of whether Paul Ryan is a racist than a close-minded bigot such as yourself. I have not read a posting as ignorant as yours in a long time.


Paul Ryan sleeping with a Black woman does not exclude him from racism. Since the beginning of slavery....white men have desired, lusted and some even raped black women. They slept with their slaves and the slaves bore children for their masters. But just like Paul Ryan....they weren't good enough to marry. He wouldn't have a political career if he had brought Deneeta home. I'm sure he wish he could have married her, but that wouldn't look good on a postcard at Christmas or at the RNC.


I wish him well too.


Imagine the disappointment when she told Obamas media Ho's that she just wanted to be left alone. You can just imagine how they were hoping to get some dirt! Once again, No! Liberals will be drawing water from our well soon. The line forms in the back..... It's a long and winding road that are filled with tears. We will leave you standing there.You've seen that road before?
Paul McCartney


Aww that's sweet how they're still friends. Guess not every ex means theres a scandal lol


Yeah, it crushes many dreams to know that repub are NOT all racist like libs think.

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