Deneeta Pope, Paul Ryan Ex-Girlfriend, Wishes V.P. Hopeful Well Despite Political Differences

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Deneeta Pope, the African-American ex-girlfriend of Republican V.P. nominee Paul Ryan, wants nothing to do with the upcoming Presidential election.

She's also a Barack Obama supporter, though she wishes Ryan well.

Ryan mentioned in an interview years ago that he's experienced racism in part because he has a black sister-in-law as well as a black ex-girlfriend.

This came up again recently after some of Ryan's policies have been criticized - fairly or otherwise - as detrimental to the African-American community.

Deneeta Pope has since been ID'd ... and wishes she hadn't been.

Deneeta Pope Photo
Paul Davis Ryan

Pope said yesterday, a day after Paul Ryan's acceptance speech at the RNC, "I'm not interested in talking. I don't know why everyone is calling."

"I'm newly married and would just like to be left alone."

Deneeta did speak briefly on the newly-minted V.P. hopeful, though, telling the Daily Mail that while she remains an ardent Barack Obama backer, she can't help but cheer for the #2 man on the GOP 2012 ticket at the same time.

Pope, 40, said, "I am indeed a Democrat. That’s no secret. But although I have a different political association to Paul, I support him and wish him success."

"Paul is a very nice guy, a kind guy and a family guy."

Daneeta says that she remains in touch with the Wisconsin Congressman; Paul and his wife, Janna Ryan, were even invited to Pope's wedding in May.

Wonder if she has a Paul Ryan shirtless pic or two of her own.

Election 2012:


Coward who doesn't put screen name...... lib tard wow how mature of u lol. If I don't like Romney's policies and have listed several times why how the hell would I like Romney's VICE PRESIDENTS policies when they are pretty much identical? Are u so brain dead ur don't know the Pres and vice Pres share pretty much the same ideas? I guess not. And if everyone hates Obama as ur party states how is voting for him popular? I could care less what's popular honey I still have yet to make a Facebook because I think its retarded so I really don't follow trends much.


Coward. Didn't want that great description of u being cut off. :-)


@Richard- your little bit of info is all I need about you. Your Liberal & African A. ? No kidding ! What are the chances huh? Why will 90+ % vote for obama? Can you tell me? From where I'm sitting you can't get 3 blacks to agree on a damn thing but all come together and agree on Obamas policies! We all know where the Racism lies in this 21st Century! Whether people admit it or not- WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH!


@@chely- I see you have figured Chely out! This special Ed " slobber jawed" idiot has the audacity to sit and say why people should not watch conventions then after that's out of her infected mouth she goes on to tell ALL what was said in the convention. No she cannot debate no more than she can state a case as to why Obama deserves another term. She watches Chris Matthews and that sissified Anderson " Poop scooper" cooper and gets on line and spread rumors that Liberals calls News! She is as imitation as the party she cheers for. She talks- I will wait till after the debates! For what Chely? Your mind is made up! The only reason people could STILL want Obama is because he is Black! Why else? They are a Hollow Shell! Ryan will baptize Biden in a sea of misery.


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U idiot. U can't even justify WHY you disagree with his policies. You are a lib tard, an Obama lover and u just do because it's "popular".
"what's popular is not always right, what's right is not always popular"...


I could care less who Paul Ryan dated its his policies that I don't agree with.


That little bit of info does not shed light on his attitudes,College years are those for experimentation,but what it does show is he may have has a fairly decent upbringing as one of his brothers married an African American shows a tolerant family circle.I am a Liberal and an African American


Paul Ryan with Ex-girlfriend Deneeta Pope Photos, Video Revealed Here


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