Deneeta Pope, Paul Ryan Ex-Girlfriend, Wishes V.P. Hopeful Well Despite Political Differences

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Deneeta Pope, the African-American ex-girlfriend of Republican V.P. nominee Paul Ryan, wants nothing to do with the upcoming Presidential election.

She's also a Barack Obama supporter, though she wishes Ryan well.

Ryan mentioned in an interview years ago that he's experienced racism in part because he has a black sister-in-law as well as a black ex-girlfriend.

This came up again recently after some of Ryan's policies have been criticized - fairly or otherwise - as detrimental to the African-American community.

Deneeta Pope has since been ID'd ... and wishes she hadn't been.

Deneeta Pope Photo
Paul Davis Ryan

Pope said yesterday, a day after Paul Ryan's acceptance speech at the RNC, "I'm not interested in talking. I don't know why everyone is calling."

"I'm newly married and would just like to be left alone."

Deneeta did speak briefly on the newly-minted V.P. hopeful, though, telling the Daily Mail that while she remains an ardent Barack Obama backer, she can't help but cheer for the #2 man on the GOP 2012 ticket at the same time.

Pope, 40, said, "I am indeed a Democrat. That’s no secret. But although I have a different political association to Paul, I support him and wish him success."

"Paul is a very nice guy, a kind guy and a family guy."

Daneeta says that she remains in touch with the Wisconsin Congressman; Paul and his wife, Janna Ryan, were even invited to Pope's wedding in May.

Wonder if she has a Paul Ryan shirtless pic or two of her own.

Election 2012:


Let me guess, the liberals will now call Ryan, a racist, because he chose, a beautiful, blond, caucasian woman, to marry. There is only one racist, in the presidential race. He is part black, and 100% against America, and the American way of life. He had an alley cat, alcoholic, father, a loose moral, mother, an anti-American, pastor, and an admitted member of the American communist party, as a mentor.


@Matt: Yeah, and I guess and he's anything but, "satisfied"!


@eyes- I see you've met Tyrone. Hahaha


@@ satisfied: Yeah, gee, life's bitch, eh? Hahahahahahahahahaha!


If i was able to to what chicken hawk said why would i block and erase my own posts why wouldnt i erase racist crazy matts his posts no matter how racist never get removed except when he took down all his in the last two days but now he is back with a racist vengence .If i was that good with computets or puters then word matt uses i would never get my ip or email addresses blocked .


@Daina- yes- close in deed! The only time " these days" when politics take a back seat! Honestly Daina- I dont get it! People like Pepsi- others coke, some buy- some rent. For the life of me I cannot understand how ANYONE could vote for this idiot! I have yet to hear from ANYONE- one good reason as to why anyone should cast their vote for Obama! It's like the world has been brainwashed! They keep talking about not wanting to go back! Shit- we can never go back! If there is a time machine lets go back to Reagan or JFK or penny candy, buck 50 gas! Has anyone profited the past 4? Daina- who is talking to these people? What is the Draw to this guy? It's insanity to the 5th power!


@where did he go: You make laugh...quite heartily in fact. You have no idea just how close Matt has been to moi today! See? He showed up. He's always around, but understandably needs to take a break from you ghouls. Me 'n Daina do just fine on our own, thank you! Just the fact we don't need to attack other bloggers in your manner speaks to our tact and credibility.


What about the unconstitutionality of ObamaCare where it calls for members of congress, prez and family???
Constitution says what's there for one is there for all and no others should be exempt... I don't want some shit healthcare for me and my family while congress and prez get some 'cadillac style' healthcare.
Obama wants to erase and distribute the things the middle lass has worked hard for. He wants to perpetuate the losers' sense of entitlement.


This is how my decision process works. I have never assumed that I new everything. I have assumed that in " The big Picture of Life" there is a reason that the majority of the people don't want to tear it all down and rebuild the government. I feel there is not a perfect way but this is the best way-- that is make life where you can come within a grasp of livability. You think OBAMAS way is better? Do you think that the 50% of us who are working are going to give to welfare, food stamps & now healthcare? What else Chely? Is there no end? It's about putting people 2 work!


@Chely- you are an idiot and I'm within arms reach of stupid because I type to you. I said you were talking about the conventions and you went on to trash republicans! Here's how it works Chely! I have paid for Social Security and Medicare and to think that obama is robbing it to fund some program of his - in my opinion is theft! Established Doctors at reirement age are not going to participate -CHELY! Obamacare is too big-CHELY! We don't even know what's in it Chely! I don't back Democrats because they restrict me Chely! Democrats want to take out of my pocket and give to those who are not pulling their own weight- CHELY! It's not my job to go back and pull them to safety! You cannot and you have NEVER given me reasons why you want Obama!

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