Demi Moore to Pen Tell-All About Ashton Kutcher?

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Demi Moore has reportedly moved on from Ashton Kutcher, as recent reports link her to actor Martin Henderson.

But might the actress soon revisit her past in an explosive tell-all?

Demi Moore at Margin Call Premiere

Books & Review sources say Moore has agreed to a $2 million deal with HarperCollins to author a memoir. The question now remains: On what/whom will it focus?

One insider says Moore pitched the idea herself and will center the book on her complicated relationship with her mother, but another tells The Daily Star:

"She's going to blow the lid on her six-year marriage to Ashton," while a final mole reveals: "She's planning to spill all the juicy details on her addictions, her meltdown and her marriages."

Regardless of the topic and the release date and really any details at all, the memoir is already generating a great deal of buzz. Unfortunately for Demi, the same can be said of Kutcher's new relationship:

He's totally nailing Mila Kunis.

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Let go the sugar daddy cheated on you. Shame on them...


Revenge usually backfires !!!!


Pity Demi Moore was being cheated by her ex-husbands. They are so Bad. Double standard. Congrats to Demi Moore. She is one of the most happiest woman in this world now. It's time to relax, and do some meaningful things to help the world. She is a beautiful and gorgeous woman at her age. Let go all the Horn Dogs cheated on you DEMI MOORE. Shame on them!


i dont think she will write a tell all about her marriage to ashton or bruce. She has always been a pretty private person when it comes to her relationships.


She should tell all about her "ex-husbands" have cheated on her.
I mean Bruce Willis!
She is a loose cannon a unstable vindictive older woman who needs to have some class and let Ashton move on.


this dead body, demi moore, still isn't dead?


Will Demi Moore do that? If so she not only Pen Tell-All About Ashton Kutcher. She should tell all about her ex-husband has cheated on her. To be FAIR to Ashton Kutcher. Cheers Demi Moore, be strong, stand on your own feet. You yourself only will help yourself! Best Blessings!


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Demi Moore is Ashton Kutcher's former squeeze, and Bruce Willis' ex-wife. Bruce has got to be scratching his bald head over this one. She... More »
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