D.B. Sweeney Trashes Robert Pattinson, Battles with Twihards in Random Twitter Rant

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D.B. Sweeney might have a (Twi)hard time making money at the box office going forward.

The actor got into it over Twitter with a number of young movie fans this week after he inserted himself into the ongoing Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart saga. Wrote Sweeney:

"Just saw Pattinson on #DailyShow trying to figure out what took k-stew so long to look around with this douche astride her. #holytwit."

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As you might expect, Pattinson's followers quickly came to the star's defense.

"Don't talk sh--t about the greatness which is Rob when your credentials can't even match his," replied one, while another was even more direct in addressing Sweeney: "I hate you. Do not mess with Rob."

But Sweeney - who actually stars in K-11, which was directed by Stewart's mother, Jules - didn't back down. He Tweeted twice more:

"Hey #twilight genuises--try decaf! A little too worked up over a skinny vampire.... Nice language twi-hards. Or should i say tards? Love the inchoate indignation."

And we love your decision to pick on a fan base half your age, D.B., along with an actor whose heart was just broken.


FDR, you must be young - D.B. Sweeney has had a pretty full, long lasting career as an actor, and he's far from desperate or unknown - the fact that you don't seem to know who he is doesn't make it a general truth. Let's see where Robert Pattinson is in 5 years when he's not riding the success and fame that Twilight to him. Based on his acting chops and the success of his movies other than Twilight - both critical and commercial - my guess is that he'll eventually wind up on the "B" list.


Well, at least the now desperate and unknown actor has become slightly less desperate and more well known/hated lol. Can't blame the dude to sell his dignity for some recognition. Oh also, freedom of speech BS, there is freedom of speech and there is total a$$, he's the later I'm sorry


Let's put this into perspective - without Twilight, where would Rob Pattinson be? Prior to Twilight we knew him best as Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter movies. Twilight was a stroke of luck for the guy because let's face it, he hasn't done much of note outside of Twilight, which is probably due to the fact that he's pretty limited as an actor.


Well maybe some of they younger aged people dont know who he is,but D.B Sweeney is a very talented actor has been around for a long time hes made movies with charlie sheen, bridget fonda, john cusack, cary elwes and chris penn.So I dont think people should give a person a hard time for giving he own personal opinion after all we do have freedom of speech...


Who is Sweeney guy? I've never watched K-11 OR any of the Twilights, but I know who Pattinson is. Is Sweeney the guy from the Green Mile who married that 17-year-old? He kinda looks like a creepy pedophile.


I saw Mr. Sweeney years ago on a talk show where he made a joke out of euthenizing an underperforming racehorse that he had invested in. He said "Now he's dog food. Hey, dog's gotta eat too, right?", and laughed. I blanched at his sadism. Something's wrong with this guy.

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