D.B. Sweeney Trashes Robert Pattinson, Battles with Twihards in Random Twitter Rant

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D.B. Sweeney might have a (Twi)hard time making money at the box office going forward.

The actor got into it over Twitter with a number of young movie fans this week after he inserted himself into the ongoing Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart saga. Wrote Sweeney:

"Just saw Pattinson on #DailyShow trying to figure out what took k-stew so long to look around with this douche astride her. #holytwit."

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Rob Pattinson

As you might expect, Pattinson's followers quickly came to the star's defense.

"Don't talk sh--t about the greatness which is Rob when your credentials can't even match his," replied one, while another was even more direct in addressing Sweeney: "I hate you. Do not mess with Rob."

But Sweeney - who actually stars in K-11, which was directed by Stewart's mother, Jules - didn't back down. He Tweeted twice more:

"Hey #twilight genuises--try decaf! A little too worked up over a skinny vampire.... Nice language twi-hards. Or should i say tards? Love the inchoate indignation."

And we love your decision to pick on a fan base half your age, D.B., along with an actor whose heart was just broken.

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Meh, I could be young, however, I'm old enought to realize his action is rather childish and unnecessary. I love both rob and Kristin, too bad things gone wrong for both of them. I'm quite balance, I don't hate so much and I don't love so much. But I can tell if someone is being an a$$ unnecessarily. And in this case, he was one, and yea I don't watch a lot of old movie, let alone the unknown one >_> so forgive me if I don't know all these ppls. I think other has made very good point, if u really care about Kristin, you would show the fan your support to her, there is no need to bash rob. What do u expect rob to do? Stay n be unhappy? Drag it out and being unhappy, and waste each other time, and causing bad blood? We don't know what's going on between them, so there is no need for us to butt in even if it's a whisper


Who is this person D.B.? I think I might of saw him in a couple of ads for viagra but not sure.Robert has a great fan base so he must be doing something right. Robert seems very sincere and he is hot you can't deny, oh and by the way I'm 50 years old . So I'm not just some iwilight fan I have varied likes and dislikes, and now D.B. you are at the top of my dislike list for bashing someone you don't know and probably could have.Does D.B. stande for dumb butt or did your mom just figure you didn't deserve a real name?


well,freedom of speech ?not when you're attacking someone you don't even know and create more attention to this matter you don't belong to.i watched some of his films,last time i saw him guest starring in crimnal minds and not even a big role..he's just ok.he sounds like a jealous teenage girl.act your age mr.this stupid comment will sadly make people attact kristen evenmore.be classy just like jodie foster without having to calling rob a douche.


He needs to stop acting like a girl! Jealous girl.... Act like a man and stop the school yard sh1t! Who's Sweeney anyway? Never heard of him


yep, this is one of the most important jobs in the country at the moment.


He was awkward because he was probably dreadIng all this from the get go! How awkward for him! One thing I do know about Rob Is he is a very personal person


Y'know, having seen that interview with Jon Stewart, I would have to agree that RPatt is really quite odd, or perhaps he was on something. He was slurring his words, and did't make sense. I'm sure he's a nice person, but he did seem strange. I don't know too much about him, so perhaps he was a bit nervous.


Has anyone bothered to notice that every time this story is posted on the internet it mentions that Sweeney is in the movie K-11 by Kristen's mom??? Do you not get that this is all part of the publicity stunt created by Kristen, Rob and their PR teams? Cosmopolis wins at the box office, Kristen stays out of sight until it's time to promote On the Road at the Toronto Film Festival where the world will now be watching, and ever her mom's movie is publicized. Then Rob and Kris will have a month or so to stage their reconciliation to ensure that BD2 opens to a better box office than the last Harry Potter. Bonus, they can get out of doing a bunch of Twilight promos that they're sick of doing anyway. Mark my words...


@twpoppy. Seriously? Every single thing you stated as fact about Rob being an "ass to Kristen" is complete, unsubstantiated gossip. We have no idea what Kristen and Rob are doing, whether they're talking or not. That's because they're keeping their business to themselves. Please, use your noggin! Believing everything you read about people's personal lives (or anything for that matter) is not a trait you should be cultivating in life.


Someone pointed out that his text may actually have been calling Sanders the "douche astride her" and he was wondering what took "K-Stew" so long to turn around and see the paparazzi. If so, he should write more clearly in future tweets. Regardless, because of his rude and denigrating tone, I read more of his tweets to get a better sense of who he is. Apparently the tweets in contention are par for the course. A charmer he is not. As for maturity, his attack on "twi-tards" appears to be a situation of the pot calling the kettle black.

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