D.B. Sweeney Trashes Robert Pattinson, Battles with Twihards in Random Twitter Rant

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D.B. Sweeney might have a (Twi)hard time making money at the box office going forward.

The actor got into it over Twitter with a number of young movie fans this week after he inserted himself into the ongoing Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart saga. Wrote Sweeney:

"Just saw Pattinson on #DailyShow trying to figure out what took k-stew so long to look around with this douche astride her. #holytwit."

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Rob Pattinson

As you might expect, Pattinson's followers quickly came to the star's defense.

"Don't talk sh--t about the greatness which is Rob when your credentials can't even match his," replied one, while another was even more direct in addressing Sweeney: "I hate you. Do not mess with Rob."

But Sweeney - who actually stars in K-11, which was directed by Stewart's mother, Jules - didn't back down. He Tweeted twice more:

"Hey #twilight genuises--try decaf! A little too worked up over a skinny vampire.... Nice language twi-hards. Or should i say tards? Love the inchoate indignation."

And we love your decision to pick on a fan base half your age, D.B., along with an actor whose heart was just broken.

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i dont even know this DB Sweenet. but whoever he is JUST SHUT UP. BLOODY HELL!


Seriously, shut up dude. He just got his heart broken OK? Sob, turns Twilight book page, smear on some black lipstick and let a sensitive man CRY OK?


Who is this so called DB Sweeney ? Why did he have the pleasure bashing Robert Pattinson ? Is this person out from no where trying to ride on a free fame ? If this person doesn't have anything good about him self then don't say anything bad about other people ! Shame on you !!!!


Who is this person D.B.? Dont be trashin Rob,, he didnt go out and Cheat,, and Kristen is Still Cheating its all over Hollywood,, in all the mags,,, If She Loved Rob,, she wouldnt be still Cheating,, He s a handsome young man,, and He s Wonderful in Twilight.. I love U Rob,, as for U D.B. get a life


How would that ugly douche Sweeney liked to be cheated on? If he even has a wife, she had better watch out since he apparently condones cheating!


Sweeney you should of never mad a comment about Rob. If you have every been in true love and you were cheated on you would know how it feels to be hurt that way. Rob did nothing wrong, he loved her very much. You do not have the right to judge him or anyone. It's not that we are twihards it is that we have feeling for people.


Who is B.D. Sweeney??? Never heard of her


haha!! db sweeney. give me a break, toe pick so damn funny


I could care less about R. Patts, he is good looking, sure, but what the hell has DB Sweeney been in thats so good? The last movie I saw him in was The Cutting Edge when I was like 5 y/o. Hey DB, focus on your own career!



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