David Beckham Underwear Pics: The Whole Package

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David Beckham is kinds the whole package as guys go.

Athletic, charming, intelligent and beyond rich, you could say he's got a lot going for him. He's also reasonably good-looking, or so people seem to think.

H&M certainly agrees. You're welcome, ladies.

David Beckham Underwear Photos

Becks' new underwear campaign for the brand goes to show that even a man with exactly one facial expression can excel at modeling if he's built like this.

We could go on about David Beckham in his underwear, but it's tough to focus with this set of images staring us in the face, and you don't care anyway.

In summation: David Beckham. Underwear. H&M. You're welcome.

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he cant resist ny1 in future too. too hot untill end of world.


Yummy. He is HOT


Lol yum-O! Mmmmm that's definitely more like a :-O

Wv peach

Nice package there Dave...... :-0