Dad Who Wears Skirts in Solidarity With Dress-Wearing Son: Awesome or Over the Top?

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When it comes to supporting his son, German dad Nils Pickert goes the extra mile.

Even if that means wearing women's clothes (including nail polish) to help a 5-year-old feel good about going out in dresses and skirts, as he often does.

Why does the young boy even prefer dresses and skirts? It's not clear, but this is part of Pickert's point - standing in solidarity with him, no matter the fallout.

Check out this picture of the two making the Internet rounds:

Dad Who Wears Skirts

The image of dad in a long, red skirt walking alongside his son in a spaghetti-strap dress no doubt inspired a hundred sideways looks in Germany that day, but the feedback has largely been positive since the image went viral.

To Pickert, it's all about the show, don't tell attitude.

He says if his son's unorthodox dress choices are seen as "everybody's business," it's his "job to be the role model my son needs" and set an example not just for youth, but for parents, too. What do you think? Does he succeed?

Skirt-wearing dad:


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werk it gurl


Amazing father is what he is.
He truly loves his son. ^ crayon commenter up there, not even comparable. Clearly that person doesn't understand. That's what sickens me, that people think it's "gross" whether you're gay, straight, lesbian, bi, trans whatever you are, people should learn to accept people for who they are. It's not like one day they decided they wanted to become that. It's their feelings, things that happen to their inner body. C'mon, wake up, open your eyes and stop living so close-minded. People can be so ignorant. It's not gross. It's actually beautiful that whoever can be themselves. You know what though, if you don't like it, don't look, don't say anything that's not necessary or that doesn't need to be said. Cause if you do, you'll understand one day why people will say horrible things right back at you. No one likes to be judged.


5 yr olds dont make the best decisions. if my kid ate crayons i wouldnt encourage him & have crayons for breakfast.


Give him some make-up, high heels and a wig and call him Tranny! Gross. It's loving but he is gonna have a tranny son


Now THAT is love! He is showing his son its ok to be who you are. Since sons look to imitate dad, it is showing him both ways of dress are acceptable. It makes me teary eyed to to see how much he loves his boy




It shows you the love he has for his son....


wow you look better in skirt than i do


cute haha


I wear a giant, adult diaper outside my clothes just like my 2 two yr old son because I don't want him to feel 'different'.

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