Crip Walk Dance: Serena Williams Criticized Over Olympic Celebration

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Serena Williams celebrated her Olympic tennis gold medal Saturday with a seemingly harmless dance move, but its origins have some people criticizing the star.

In a brief homage to her hometown of Compton, Calif., the 30-year-old busted out an impromptu crip walk, a dance move once popularized by gang members.

Check out Serena Williams' crip walk dance below:

The move mostly passed by without incident, as Serena danced for about five seconds, and the crip walk dance dates back to her childhood, two decades ago.

Clearly, she was just having fun and basking in the Olympic moment, while perhaps giving a shout-out to the L.A.-area city of her humble beginnings.

Of all things to rip Serena Williams over, it's unclear how this even makes the list. Still, some critics act as if she crip walked all over Buckingham Palace.

Fox Sports wrote after the incident:

"There was Serena - the tennis legend, the winner of 14 individual Grand Slams, the best player of her generation, the American girl being crowned at the All-England Club as the queen of tennis - Crip-Walking all over the most lily-white place in the world."

"She didn't do it on purpose. It was a moment of unbridled joy. She pumped her fist, jumped up and down, looked into the crowd, then did her ill-timed dance."

"You couldn't help but shake your head. It was as if Serena just couldn't seem to avoid dipping into waters of controversy even as she'd ascended to the top of her sport."

In a word, chill.

Serena's done plenty over the years to warrant criticism, but give it a rest. It was just a fun moment, a little dance move, not a pro-gang political statement.

What's next, Andy Murray climbing into the player's box after his win Sunday being spun as a commentary on Scotland's movement for Independence?

You tell us: What do you think of Serena's crip walk?


No matter how rich black people get, hood life will always come out


When was Serena in a gang? You pathetic hater. Has anyone noticed all the disenters are white people lol HOGS are really twisted and disgusting, get extinct fast enough, I wanna live with Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Africans, and Latinos.


Its not just a celebration dance, people die over this stuff in LA. Pay homage to your roots by glorifying gang culture? Really? I grew up in that stuff and it's not just something people just do in Cali.




This dance might have been popularized by gangs,,,but origins are ,,,,waaaaayyyy before any California dance steps,,,it is african dance move,,it is shown in a couple of videos from the 60's at Riplyes Believe It Or Not Museum,,,,,


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This woman is a world champion, the dance took all of 5 seconds, She's earned the right to celebrate, if it had been 30 or 40 seconds then that disrespectful, but 5 seconds, are you kidding me? Consider all she gone through over the last year or so, injury, life threating illness,, give me a break, I just you would dance too.


So tacky of her. Wheres the class and the showing of some dignity? Here n Cali, gang stuff is taken seriously. Not cool at all.


Okay so I had no clue what a Crip Walk was, lol. But I dont see why its an issue to dance. Im glad I know what it is now incase I ever dance that like out of celebration. Geeze people come on!


I just think that professonal players should not be in the Olympic Games in any sport , tennis, basketball, etc. None. Go dance elsewhere.

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