Conrad Murray Rips Katherine Jackson: Way to Be There For Michael!

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Dr. Conrad Murray, the terrible physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson, is still not showing remorse.

Moreover, he's taking new shots at MJ's mother.

In a phone interview, Conrad Murray accuses 82-year-old Katherine Jackson of letting him down and "failing to be there" while he was alive.

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Asked if he'd ask forgiveness from Katherine for giving the insomniac star a cocktail of drugs that led to his death, Murray was incredulous.

"Mrs Jackson does not have to forgive me because I am not responsible for his death," he said. "There is nothing for her to forgive me for."

"I would say this: Is anyone willing to ever forgive Mrs. Jackson for failing to be the mother she could have been for her son? Would Michael forgive his mother for not being the mother that he wanted to be there all the time?"


Now serving four years at Los Angeles County Jail, Murray said he would be more than happy to sit down and talk with Katherine Jackson.

Somehow we don't see that invite being extended.

In the telephone call, Murray again professed innocence and said he was closer to Michael Jackson's children than the star's own family.

Murray also alleged that Michael's 85-year-old father, Joe Jackson, could be receiving money from his son's vast fortune via Katherine.

Joe, who has been accused of beating his son as a child, may be enjoying payouts from Katherine's allowance, according to the doctor.

"She is probably handing out funds to his father," said Murray. "[Michael] would roll in his grave if he knew Joe Jackson spent a penny of his money."

Last month police were called to Michael's kids' home in Calabasas, Calif., when Randy, Jermaine and Janet Jackson tried to take them away.

Katherine Jackson had been reported missing at the time, a possible victim of a long con involving a trip to Arizona she did not consent to.

Jermaine and Tito have backed off their threats against the estate, while Janet Jackson's statement on Michael's will offers no such olive branch.

Despite strongly insinuating that she was kidnapped as part of this failed coup attempt to oust Michael Jackson's executors, Katherine Jackson has no plans to sue her own children. That's good to hear at least.


That Conrad Murray is such a murdering DOUCHE-BAG!!!!! And, he needs to be stripped of any and all phone privileges. Most of all, Sue is so RIGHT ON...Conrad needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP before someone else does it for him...VERY PERMANENTLY!!!!!


He is the very last person who should even be speaking about people making money out of Michael considering what he did, the lousy son of a bitch! Murray needs to SHUT UP permanently before someone does it for him!!!


I can't believe what I'm reading. WHY do they let this murderer speak first off??? Shouldn't he rot in jail and stay silent?? Why all this privileges?? Btw when Kenny Ortega sent Michael home because of MURRAY's "treatments" he ripped off Ortega saying he was the doctor. HE was taking care for Michael Jackson and HE is responsible. PERIOD.


That's right. Michael would still be around for his mother to "be there" for him if it weren't for that man.


WOW. Just WOW. Really? This guy is unbelievable. He actually injected Michael with the drug that killed him and he won't take any responsibility for his death? He instead sits in judgment of the Jackson family? I think maybe he needs to be in jail for longer than the 4 year sentence. Please do not EVER give this guy another medical license. That is the LEAST punishment he deserves.


Now Conrad lookin for some kinda sympathy,he aint gettin none! Textin strippers while Michael lay there dyin. Conrad,GO TO HELL FOR ALL I CARE!


We'll see how well this comment plays with the state medical boards Murray will have to deal with if he wants to practice again. Who would be responsible for MJ's death if not the person who administered the deadly cocktail -- and then sat in the hallway texting three strippers while the patient died?

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