Condoleezza Rice to Join Augusta National Golf Club, Break Gender Barrier

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The Augusta National Golf Club has, for the first time in its history, admitted a woman as a member: Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice!

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    I really hope you DON'T think you are accomplishing anything because these backward ass stuck in 1952 idiots have invited you to join their golf course! Why would you want to be around these people that have sold their souls to the devil! You don't represent me as a woman and in case you dont gave your sellout goggles on your party is taking us back to when women and Blacks could not vote not to mention your one of the FIRST people with a VAGINA to walk on that turf! And please please don't think for one minute this will NOT exempt you from being called the N word by that poor trash with money!


    Lol@ my kind! I gather that would be someone who exposes an idiot like you Matt. Tell Romney to release his taxes and make Ryan explain why he took bailout money that he now so vehemently opposes. Then there's what a clever bunch. Just like you Matt, full of hot air and loads of crap.


    Careful peach seed- careful you don't unveil your own stupidity while attempting it. You vote for a man who has a socialistic view. A man who has spent the better part of the year collecting votes by catering to gays etc. A man who was mentored by communist and radicals along with Reverend " Racist" Wright! An Admistration whose policies has more people in poverty than ever before- your the idiot Peach! You are exactly like YOUR KIND! NEXT TIME- dont bother initiating a conversation. I'm not here to ease your boredom.


    Lol @ Big Daddy!!


    Matt, you're a real fool. So when speaking of Dr. Rice, why did you say "her own kind"? You know exactly what you're doing and saying. And I'll continue to show the viewers your stupidity.


    Breaking down barriers at Augusta! A woman, a black and a lesbian all rolled into one!
    Augustas flood gates are open now!


    You know something Peach- you should change your name to Boomarang! I walk away and damned if you dont throw one right back at me. Black People - like you? You already knew that Peach! Connie is all class- wait- is that racist? She is a roll model more than Gabby- wouldn't you think? But! She went to the other side- Republican. Rhianna is as screwed up as a can of worms but look at the support! Connie? Just silence! Just look at yourself peach! Hank Williams- talking about Obama- how did you put it? Ignorant Jackass! Then there's Wayne Brady- Talking about a Handicapped kid and you say- Bad Move Wayne- not funny! It's impossible for me to see your side in anything! You are biased Peach- with a touch of racism. and it's the truth!
    Anything else I can do- don't hesitate.


    So who are you referring to Matt? As if I need to ask.


    Unless you trolls can leave a user name- don't even ask and no- I wasn't referring to Rep's.


    what does your own kind mean republican i hope.She should be president more experience than all of the guys.

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