Chris Brown's Mom to Rihanna: TELL THE TRUTH

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Joyce Hawkins, Chris Brown's mom, took to Twitter right after Rihanna's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey and posted a series of cryptic messages.

Fans suspect they may have been directed at Hawkins' son's ex-girlfriend, especially after Rihanna spoke extensively about their relationship on OWN.

Fighting tears, Rihanna admitted Sunday that Chris is the "love of my life", that he was her "best friend", that they still love each other and are very close.

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Hawkins, who has reportedly remained close to the singer since her relationship with Brown ended in 2009, then posted this series of messages:


Only Joyce knows for sure what she meant and who those Tweets were directed toward, but the timing couldn't have been a coincidence, right?

Some have speculated that Joyce wanted Rihanna to tell the truth - that reports of a rekindled romance may actually be true. What do you think?

Should Chris and Rihanna get back together?


Now, how would you all know that Ms Royce was tweeting about the interview to Rihanna? That lady could be talking about anything that didn't concern the interview with Ms Oprah. People please stop making up stories. Look at this post, it just don't make any sense at all. Everybody is so quick to point the finger at that woman, it is a crime shame for anybody to talk about somebody mother like that.


him and his fool ass mother and interview haaa if live my husband and prentend i'am a trash hussy you make a sad mistake i rule this mother,/./,/./.'; /.'[ HOUSE]


Actually I believe what Paul Mooney told us all in a stand up--he knows a lot of dirt, being who he is. Rihanna was supposed to have started it and egged it on--that's why she wants to go back so badly. Shes a fighter too. Rihanna and Chris need some deep, deep professional work if they want to continue a safe, happy life. Peace


Any woman who takes a man back after being physically beaten by him is a fool and eventually may wind up dead.


they were both young inlove before, and their relationship did'nt worked out, hey! sometimes the 2nd time will work out perfect, yeah i would say they deserve to have chance to each other, coz they realize their feeling now sense they both getting older. they both have successful carrier....If they really get back to each other, and if they plan to get married, Barbados beach is perfect place to set up the wedding ceremony,,, right on ,....


I think that at some point in Rihannas life she should just get the real truth out in the open. It feels like the whole abuse situation was only part of the story. Her side of the story. It's obvious that thier love is one of those real and rare loves. Chris has never bashed her or even said his side of the story, really. The real truth has never been told. Everyone was so quick to judge because Rihanna was the injured one, but what about what happened before that it escalated to that explosive point. Something was happening behind all the glitze and glamour. I just don't think that Rihanna is a saint.


They dserv each other they will c wht happens in d future riri can't keep men mayb he. Is d. Only one for her so let dem b havin many men down ur panties aint cool so at least she will b able to keep him just go ahead guys nd b wit each other pray he doesn't abuse again. Dats all


If she is dumb enought to take him back then they deserve each other. She was beat BADLY! She is lucky he didnt beat her to death. Looks like he came pretty freakin close!


Rihanna.. your conscience is bothering you. the tears ment something.. you caused much of the beat up on your self.. but glad the world saw that you really wanted that man.. too much hate in the world and people should stop and think and leave people issue alone.. ChriS was provoked and you think its ok to beat up on a man..he has feelings too.. I am a woman and have a son. and would not want a woman to beat up on him.. hope all works out for you all..


If love is there forgivness comes with this. They are two young people and should do what they feel to do. People make mistakes and can be forgiven. If he is the love of her life, they should be together and see where it So lets leave them alone!!!!

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