Chick-fil-A Employee Bullied By Douchebag in Epic Activism Fail

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Whatever side you're on in the ongoing Chick-fil-A controversy, or how you feel about same sex marriage, we can all agree on one thing:

The dude in this video sucks.

Some douchebag big shot - a former corporate CFO and lecturer whose name we haven't posted here - apparently thought he'd make some grand political statement about the chain's controversial stance on gay marriage.

All he ended up doing was harassing some poor girl working the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, though. She deserves credit for conducting herself with such poise, and proving that no matter what you believe, an a$$hole is an a$$hole.

Watch the spectacular activism fail at the Tucson, Ariz., store below:


Obama 2012!


Saying that someone is full of sin is pretty hateful. You don't hate gay people but think that we will be going to he'll anyway!? Here's to hoping a lifetime of gay babies for you to raise and see how you handle that . Hate breeds hate . Live a life you want and as long as you are not hurting anyone and I think you will find a place in Gods arms


God loves homosexuals. However, this doesn't mean that God condones their actions. This is what needs to be revealed. You see, it's not just about homosexuals. You can preach all day to them, but you are just preaching against their sin. The fact is all of us who are saved (not many by the way) are saved only by God's grace. This is done through Christ Jesus. My point here is that Chick Fil-A CEO should also make a comment about God's love. There is the Law and the Gospel. The law says that we are guilty sinners, but the Gospel says that Jesus loves us and wants us to be forgiven. To any homosexual reading this. God loves you, so do I. Turn to the one who says to all: Come to me all who are heavy laden (Sin will make you heavy laden) and I will give you rest. Love in Christ Jesus to all who read this, John O'Rourke
Sligo, Ireland.


What a douchebag. Bravo to the poor girl for being the better person in that conversation.


You forgot to mention he got fired from his job over what he did.Saying he is a "former CFO",does not really clarify that.The girl did a fantastic job of handling herself with grace.The only real point he made with his rant,is that he is totally obnoxious!Well done Chik-Fil-A!


He's gay and liberal and stupid. What else would you expect and a pathetic liar- referring to his apology.