Chad Johnson Being Cut By Dolphins: Filmed For Hard Knocks!

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Amazingly, Chad Johnson's release by the Miami Dolphins in the wake of his arrest for domestic violence took place with cameras from HBO's Hard Knocks rolling.

The behind-the-scenes, ALL-access docu-series just happens to be focusing on the Dolphins this season, meaning Johnson's termination was caught on video.

Watch Johnson's ill-fated meeting with Head Coach Joe Philbin below:

A day after he was arrested for head-butting Evelyn Lozada and charged with domestic battery, Chad met with new coach Philbin in the coach's office.

Johnson pleaded that he'd never been in trouble before - actually true as a pro, though he had a prior domestic violence arrest in college in 2000.

In any case, Philbin wasn't having it and politely but unflinchingly made it clear he didn't see Chad going in the same direction as the organization.

In the ensuing days, he was also dropped by VH1, who canned the upcoming series Ev & Ocho, and by Lozada, who filed for divorce yesterday.

He essentially lost his day job, side job and wife in a 72-hour span, all over a receipt for condoms. Hope Beverly Shiner or side piece equivalent was worth it.

Miami cutting Ocho: The right decision?


Ok, I really hope he meriras her because this will be embarrasing and she will have another wedding dress to turn into a freakum dress (like the 1st one). They are so heavy promoting they are a couple and they are real until I dont know anymore nor do I care. Just let it come natural evelyn you are pretty calm down. Because when people push and try to hard to make a point all the flaws and things that should have been private come to the light. Look at Gloria she pushed and promoted sooooo hard her and MAtt were good and getting married then it failed and all their dirty laundry came out. When people are happy and in love .. they just are. Period. She has the show and book coming promote that.


You can't get mad at Chad when
Evelyn lozada beat up every one
she ran into on basketball wives.
She is always mad and disent like
Anyone. Thanks Sharon coffman


Back in my day, we called any guy who hit a woman a sissy, and sissies don't play on football teams, nor do they deserve to. From what I've read elsewhere, his wife his filed for divorce. I hope it's true, smart woman!!!


However his new wife Evelyn was beating up her friends on Basketball Wives!!!


College this ain't! Another outspoken PrimaDonna wide receiver with diamonds in his ears comes crashing down! Can anyone help a brother out? He will have plenty of time to lean in his Hummer, the one with the spinners! What's the world coming to when you can't screw & slap anything you want! Terrell Owens could be one to answer that. Bottom line- The NFL is a Billion Dollar Business and each Owner is not about to let some Goldchain wearing "PLAYER" affect his teams marketability.


I love that they cancelled he and Lozada's reality show. Neither one of those shitheaps deserves the attention or the money. Let's hope they both fade away into obscurity like the losers they both are!

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