Celebrities Sound Off on Paul Ryan as Vice President

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So, Paul Ryan may be the next President of the United States. Vice President, we mean. Vice President of the United States.

While opinions spread around the country regarding Mitt Romney's running mate, let's go to Hollywood for the reaction of several celebrities to the news. All courtesy of Twitter...

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

Elizabeth Banks: "I can confirm categorically that I am NOT Mitt Romney's VP nominee. #gamechange."

Michael Ian Black: "Romney/Ryan = same initials as Ronald Reagan. THINK ABOUT IT!!!"

Andy Cohen: I really hope someone has the guts to ask Paul Ryan's stance on the KStew/RPatz situation in California. #NeedClarification

Sanjay Gupta: #43 on the list of things that make you feel old: the VP candidate is younger than you are. paul ryan was born in 1970.

Eva Longoria: Romney's VP pick voted against equal pay for women and repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. We can't go backward.

Michael Moore: Channeling Bush, war supporters/military dodgers Romney and Ryan insult those who served by using battleship as their prop.

Rupert Murdoch: Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice.

Andy Richter: I think saying "worst recovery in 70 years" is kinda cute. Doesn't at all beg the phrase "worst recession in 70 years."

Russell Simmons: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two men who will destroy our people...

Olivia Wilde: Two R's won't make it right. Romney/Ryan are Wrong for America.

What do YOU think? Was Ryan a solid choice?


Finally we have two men who believe in capitalism. That care about our future and our children's future. Four more years of Obama we would have no future. America wouldn't be America anymore. Capitalism builds employment socialism drags everything down! I have my business i BUILT NOBODY BUILT For ME! Time for Obama to become a golf pro the only danger would be people on the course not America anymore!


I saw this post Saturday, on a news comment site, it's funny, but tells it like it is: Good riddance, Bama/Biden. Welcome Romney/Ryan. Lol.


Exactly the reaction I would expect from Liberal Hollywood. I wonder How you would feel, if it was your money Obama wanted to take to give to the poor. Of course you are much too liberal to care about that.


@GossipGirl.....Yeah, you liberals are good for not only idle "gossip" but gutter politics! Oh well, guess when you're desperate you resort to whatever. Keep flingin' the manure at the wall...though little will stick! So glad you're kind won't be running the country in the next term.....instead, I hear there's some great Polish and Italian restaurants in Chicago...you may wanna travel there after November. You might get lucky and bump into Barack and Michelle dining out in the next 4 years in the North Shore area! Something to look forward to in the future!


You poor poor conservatives. You're in for a rough November. So glad all the delusional people that make such ridiculous comments will not be in control of our country in the next 4 years. :) Phew!


@Matt Thanks for the info. on Presidential debates. Ah, yes, the media groups that will handle them. Hey, Romney and Ryan merely need to prepare well...carefully anticipating the questions these liberal news folks will hurl at 'em! I used to be on the high school debate team....it's all in the preparation along with the ability to deliver well verbally and end each debate response with a "punch" that voters remember. I believe these two gentleman are up to the challenge. Bring the Big Mama of CNN politics on...Mitt and Paul can handle her. Maybe they can bribe her with a promise of a big serving of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting accompanied by a big scoop of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. Every journalist has their price....hefty Candy is no exception!


No way would I base my voting on what some stupid celebrity says. If they are indeed so worried about poor people: PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS. Eve Longoria can kiss my grits. No talent slag. Russell Simmons, equally no-talent. Michael Moore, the beast that ate Chicago. Candy Crowley should go on "America's Biggest Loser", she looks like she could stand to lose a few.


What has Obama done other than trying to push for Health Care that most Americans or businesses do not want. Other than that, he has done nothing except to bash Bush and the Republicans, speak from prompters and act like a celebrity to the dumb celebrities.


enough with the racism game on


God help me if I start caring what Hollywood thinks. Ryan was an excellent choice and I am anxious to see the debates between him and Biden.

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