Bruce Jenner vs. Usain Bolt: Who's a Better Athlete?

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Before Bruce Jenner became the face of botched plastic surgery and the man best known as comedic fodder for Kim Kardashian and company, he was one of America's most beloved Olympians.

No, really!

Jenner captured the Gold at the 1976 Games in Montreal, which is why he actually could be considered an authority on track and field and which explains why he took exception to the boasting of Usain Bolt over the weekend.

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Following his second consecutive 200 meter victory, Bolt proclaimed to NBC that he's the "greatest athlete to live." The Jamaican's Twitter bio also now reads that he's the "most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen."

But Jenner will only concede that Bolt is the "the best sprinter" in history, telling TMZ that Usain "can't pole vault, he can't throw anything" and he'd be "terrible" at the decathlon, which forces entrants to compete in 10 events, from discuss to hurdles to the high jump.

So, it needs to be asked: in his prime, which of these men was the best athlete?



I think usain bolt is the better athlete becasue he always breaks his own rcoerd times when he races and im a masive fan of his.


I'm with Bruce Jenner on this one.


@Fitanne-Jamaica beat us at any race Bolt was in. But what about the other races. I believe the women's team mopped the floor with Jamaica. Where was Jamaica in Volleyball, rowing, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, rowing, diving, swimming?? So Bolt won a couple of races, USA won the most medals over all & the most golds.


Bolt can run like no other, but Jenner had to run, jump, throw etc. So Jenner is the better athlete. Better sprinter is Bolt.


Bolt is a better sprinter. Jenner is the better athlete. Very simple.


America and their hatin game. Accept that Jamaica beat you pple....tokin of dopin hw many athletes of US were suspended for doping? Many.


Hey Jamaica- how'd you do in swimming? How about diving? How about your rowing team? No? How about cycling? Gymnastics? How about baseball? Basketball? Softball? Volleyball? That's right. I didn't think so.


3 Jamaican athletes that did not compete in the Olympics because they have been suspended for doping: 1) Julian Dunkley- suspended for 2 yrs in 2008 for steroids. 2) Johan Blake suspended for doping. Steve Mullings suspended for LIFE in 2011 for taking masking agents designed to cover up performance enhancing drugs. If the Jamaicans stopped doping and cheating, maybe they would have more than just 4 gold medals.


Americans are always jealous!!!!
They are born haters, very sad no wonder
Why other countries dislike them....they are
fake and the athletes take drugs to get a gold
It's all fact!!!! The west indies athletes are natural
We don't need drugs make us run fast, eat
The properly natural food unlike the
Americans eat unhealthy!!!!


You're wrong. Bolt is a 1 trick pony. He runs fast. That's it. That's all he's got. Jenner is a decathlete. Do you even know what that is??? That's a 10 event competion. Sprints, medium distance, hurdles, long jump, shot put, discus, pole vault etc... Get a brain. The answer is obvious and you have no clue whatsoever.

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