Britney Spears Bikini Pic of the Day: Floral Fun!

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Britney Spears is NOT ready for the end of summer.

The pop star has made this clear with a couple of bikini photos of late, and while we share that sentiment, Labor Day is really only the unofficial end ... especially if you live in SoCal with its year-round warmth and sunshine. But we get the point.

"Having some fun in the sun... don't want summer to be over" she Tweeted yesterday afternoon, presenting this pic to more than 19,900,000 followers:

Britney Spears Green Bikini Pic

The previous Britney Spears bikini pic we posted expressed a similar view of life. With the X Factor starting up, she is going to be much busier soon.

Speaking of, check out the new Britney-centric promo. Dare we say it ... our girl looks like she might be pretty entertaining on the Fox competition:

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@sp.The reason why you're her fan isn't because she's awesome(which she isn't) but because you're just as vain and irresponsible as she is,and as disgusting too.I was just expressing my disgust over a person who thinks that showing off some skin,like many other people like you, is what will make her have more followers on Twitter.If you don't have any sensible thing to paste, then don't paste it.


so AMTRAK has still trainwrecks on their lines?


WHOA A THERE! she's already paid her "fine" for her past nuttyness, i would like to see if she's going to mature into a lady or a lohan, lol no, really, in time i think she could be a decent i'll bite off a little, legend, she's gotta make everyone forget and see the now, who knows? Look at Ava Gardner a smokin "very bad" girl, and a tastey legend. BWA HA HA HA HA...


@R.E.A.L am sure your body is disgusting as well. Don't have anything good to say then dnt post it.


I'm not a fan and it's simply because she is an epitom of irresponsibility.DO YOU HAVE TO SHOW OFF YOUR BODY THAT HAVE BEEN SEEN IN MANY DISGUSTING WAYS?!