Breaking Dawn Part 2: New Photos, Awkward Poses

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This has suddenly become more awkward than exciting.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in an embrace. No, they haven't made up. They are simply in character as Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Edward and Bella Scene

Pattinson tells the magazine that this installment of The Twilight Saga is "stranger than all the other films put together," a comment that takes on new meaning in light of Stewart's cheating scandal.

Summit Entertainment, however, has said that promotion of the blockbuster will continue as planned, while director Bill Condon simply urges fans to show the ex-couple some respect.

Visit our Breaking Dawn photo gallery for more newly-released images from the movie and vote below: Will you still go see Breaking Dawn Part 2?


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I feel like Kristen not only cheated on Rob, but the twifans! Just not sure I will go see the movie it will not be the same. Forever Begins! Just busted my Twi-world


Well ... I think she jus made a big mistake no 1 is perfect every1 makes mistakes n life.Life moves on and it will b ok (:


all i can really say is that i will still go see the movie. and there will be a difference in they're acting cause in the past movies you can tell that it was real in what they were feeling. and now you will tell that it is gonna be hard on both of them to act together with them being ex couples. but it also has to be up to them to fix the relationship.


I haven't seen part two. I would like to see it. I thought the first one was great. I would like to see the rest of the parts of the movie.


People seriously need to get over it. Couples break-up all the time. People make mistakes. It's life... it goes on. Get over it.


Its so bad .they were so good together a couple that created jealousy among others when i saw the first movie i wished they were a pair and my wish was fulfilled but my dreams of their future was ruined when kristen cheated robert


i am heartbroken over rob and kristens problem, but it wont stop me from seeing bd2.....but i would enjoy it more if i knew "robsten" were still together.....i feel so bad for them. i think it was absolutely true love, and she screwed it up, and now he will never trust her again. its very sad! i love them both as actors. they were the perfect edward and bella.


I hate Kristen Stewart so much now. Which is sad, because when I first saw her in Zathura I looked up to her. What she did was NOT right. However, SHE will NOT stop me from loving the Twilight saga because of her stupid cheating. Also, despite what everyone else may think, I think she did a terrible job of portraying Bella.


Don't quite understand the "why" of the poll. The movie is about two fictional characters. The fact that they had a relationship in the real world that went south has no impact on Stephanie Meyer's vision translated to the big screen. Just my two cents which, of course, is just my two cents. LOL

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