Breaking Dawn Part 2: New Photos, Awkward Poses

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This has suddenly become more awkward than exciting.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in an embrace. No, they haven't made up. They are simply in character as Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Edward and Bella Scene

Pattinson tells the magazine that this installment of The Twilight Saga is "stranger than all the other films put together," a comment that takes on new meaning in light of Stewart's cheating scandal.

Summit Entertainment, however, has said that promotion of the blockbuster will continue as planned, while director Bill Condon simply urges fans to show the ex-couple some respect.

Visit our Breaking Dawn photo gallery for more newly-released images from the movie and vote below: Will you still go see Breaking Dawn Part 2?


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which is exactly why they need respect and privacy if they were dating you would not have known ,if they broke up you would not have known but its their private life(you were into before this happened) true fans accept for better or worse lmao! Breaking Dawn wooo! I will be there.


very nice pic


Hellz yeah!! I watched the last four, why would I not watch this one?! What happened between Rob and Kristen is none of my business. Is their problem and no one else's. I'm ready for the grand finally!!


@whatev. Exactly


I ame sad that she cheated on rob :(


I probably go see the second installment, if Rob and Kristen would get back together... Because they make a great couple in the movie and off screen....


I saw the first one, and it was shite, so have not seen any of the others and don't plan to.


really what is what happens in their real lives got anything to do with us did it cause the world to end? NO did it cause a war?No
so why would or should it have any effect on a movie? really the world does not revolve around kstew or r pattz. they can't act anyway


Kristen made her bed and now she has to lie in it. Simple as that.
I will never understand that her "affair" will a MARRIED man. She could of split up a family. Now im not saying it was all her fault, he is to blame too.
The whole situation is all f***ed up!!"


Yes. I will still go see Breaking Dawn Part II. I consider myself a twilight fan, not a "rob&kristen-personal-life-fan."
I like the Twilight Saga for the story and the characters, not for the actors who play the characters or for the actors' personal lives.

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