Blue Ivy Carter: New Photo Shared By Beyonce!

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Blue Ivy Carter is officially the coolest seven-month-old girl on Earth.

A rare photo of Blue, who came into the world in early January, appears among a set of personal pics just posted online by her mother, Beyonce.

The image shows Beyonce feeding Blue - who's rocking Jay-Z / Kanye West "Watch the Throne" tour T-shirt - a bottle. Pretty adorable stuff:

Blue Ivy Carter Photo

A special Tumblr page, part of the revamped Beyonce (dot) com, has been featuring many personal and wonderful Beyonce photos since April.

The new image is one of many she's posted from the road, from packed arenas as well as outdoors (some notably in Marfa, Texas of all places).

Follow the above link to check them out, they're great.


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whether u pple like it or not. beyonce and jay-z are here 2 stay. so u guys shld stop d hating nd go make lots of money 4 urselves like they have done. ur hating wont change d fact dat dey are d world's highest paid celebrity coupl.. so get a life haters.


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Super! Love it!


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