NBC Olympic Commentators Ripping on Athletes: A Greatest Hits Montage

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Hey, if you're not good enough to be in the Olympic Games, you can at least get a TV job as a commentator and rip the athletes to shreds!

This hilarious montage of NBC's London Olympics coverage pulls together some of the best / worst digs made by the network's announcers.

Some of the commentary isn't as harsh as it is honest, but in some situations that line does seem to be crossed. See what you think below:


I took your advice and took a close look at the slow mo. If you press pause play over and over agan dnruig 8:36 you can see, that when the green light comes on there is absolutely no bladecontact yet. Even in the relatively bad quality you can see that Sanzos Hand, not his blade is making the contact with Zhus blade (Which is no valid parry to my knowledge) But this is absolutely no measure that would be taken dnruig a review o it's near impossible to see. Props to CyrusofChaos btw


Wow did they run out of commentaters and grabed a couple of cleaning staff to fill in...!!!


Those guys are a bunch of jackasses.

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