Bachelor Pad Recap: Ed Swiderski is the Ultimate Male Whore and Other Observations

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This week on Bachelor Pad ... a lot of foreheads were slapped at home.

Our recap could end there and be more than sufficient, but ABC's guilty pleasure, which premiered after Emily Maynard picked Jef Holm on The Bachelorette finale in late July, always seems to suck you back in.

Who got the boot and who got some tail? Find out in THG's recap!

Reid Rosenthal Shirtless

A relay race, full of obstacles involving ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts was the week's challenge ... Plus 5 for watching Ed Swiderski not even finish it, and Plus 25 more for Chris Harrison saying "nut sack."

Superfan David and Rachel come away with the win! Plus 10.

Dave chose to spend his date with Blakeley Shea, Erica Rose and Jamie at the prom, making this officially the least stable prom in history. Plus 20.

Blakeley and Jamie trying to be civil? Minus 15 for not even being remotely convincing. Minus 5 more for Erica Rose's mere presence this season.

Rachel went out with Michael (of course), Tony and Nick to Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Hollywood. Plus 10 for an actually creative date idea.

The Bachelor Experience date would've worked better with people from the show that are actually noteworthy, so Minus 5, but Chris made up for it.

Plus 20, because we really need a Chris Harrison wax figure.

Rachel pretty much made it clear to Nick and Tony during the date that she was interested in - and all her attention was on - Michael. Plus 20.

Tony still seemed a bit shocked as Mike got the rose. Minus 5.

At the mansion, Reid tried to play nice with Ed in an act we don't even buy ... Reid, of all people, bitter about losing Jillian to him? Fake. Minus 40.

Chris continued to play with Jamie and Blakeley, yet rebuffed the former's advances as she attempted to go mount him on a bunk bed. Plus 15.

She acted like she didn't care about being spurned ... yet cried about it while saying so, and wept during the date with David as well. Minus 10.

Meanwhile, Sarah's guilt for voting against Ed led her to TELL ED that Reid is the mastermind of trying to send him home. What a rat. Minus 20.

Ed calls Reid out, Reid tries to deny everything, and it's just very awkward all around. But not as much so as when he boned Jaclyn. Plus 60.

If this were Cinemax, Ed's junk would have more screen time than 75 percent of the cast members. Minus 50 for being the ultimate man whore.

Reid's plan backfires and he gets sent home. Minus 25, because he seems like a good guy, but Plus 25, as he didn't belong there anyway.

Annoying fan Donna left too. Shrug.

An additional Minus 70 overall for utterly weak casting this season. There's just a lack of compelling characters. Last season's Jake-Vienna-Kasey in-fighting and Mike-Holly-Blake drama made the show. This year? Meh.



Laurie: You are the biggest loser for watching the show- so your life is terrible. Free Britney- get over the fact that Ed cheated and move on - you were obviously cheated on, or were ignored by people like Ed in high school and now are unleashing your vengeance with your little job. Ed is the best part of the show, which is why he gets the most air time - he is harmless. If Jillian has totally forgiven him, then his defining characteristic should not be the fact he cheated on her. He is the most fun and entertaining person in the house and America loves him (except for chicks that do not know how to have fun)


and kalon is the biggest dick ever but he looks like prize of this show???


really abc... this has got to b the dumbest bunch of desperate assholes ever!! There should b a comentator during the show. i would b great at it. and somebody should tell these idiots just how much of losers they look like on here! Or new sex or hook ups. maybe it wouldnt b the saddest shit ever! aha ha ha ha. my life looks great now & it sucks!


WTF is up with Erica Rose? She has a terrible boring personality, she's ugly, and her hair extensions are nasty. She brings nothing of entertainment value. Why is she on television at all?


This show is SUCH crap this year! Was so much better last year with the Michael/Holly/Blake triangle. Honestly, I don't like any of the people enough to want them to win. It's more like who do I dislike the least. And sadly, Lindzey and Kalon seem to be the least annoying! When Kalon is one of the least annoying people on the show, you know the show is complete TRASH. Why do they keep bring Erica Rose back??? Worst casting ever!

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