Ann Curry on Today Show Ratings Decline: Yay!

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Ann Curry couldn't help by cry when she made her final appearance as co-host of The Today Show.

But in light of that program's steady decline in the ratings, sources now say the only tears this reporter is shedding are those of joy.

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"Ann feels completely vindicated by The Today Show's poor ratings since she left," an insider tells Radar Online. "She feels she was fired completely unfairly and wasn't given a fair shot at the gig."

Indeed, Savannah Guthrie has taken over for Curry, but Today continues to lose out to rival Good Morning America.

"Ann feels she was made a scapegoat by the network and that it's the whole show that needed an overhaul, not her replacing," added this source, saying Curry is especially peeved at Matt Lauer, who many say was responsible for giving his coworker the boot.

"There's definitely no love lost for Lauer, who she feels threw her under the bus completely."


Yeah, serious, I'm started to dislike Ann Curry. Not by her own fault but because of these articles. Please stop with the articles on The Today Show. We don't care.


Not a fan of the Today Show, but please stop it with all the boo-hoo sympathy for Anne Curry losing her co-host gig. She received $10 million payment, plus has already been put back to work on NBC. I feel sorry for those people who lose their jobs (with families to support) who don't have this safety net!!! When did we start weeping for overpaid mediocre talent on TV or the cinema??!!!


I liked Ann Curry very much on the show. I have never liked Matt whatever-his-last-name-is, nor does Samantha? Guthrie project like a professional. Matt Lawer? seems to have the network in a grip in a painful place in their anatomy to have been able to stay on as the mummified permanent anchor all this time. I almost never watch that program, with the exception of the Olympics, but even then, I find myself turning to another channel to avoid his annoying presence.


I'm waiting for karma to get matt also. Too bad that network doesn't seem to want to wake up. Matt's the needs to be gone! Love how they pay rotten people for interviews or should I say pictures. LOL!! Quit watching years ago.


Have not watched Today since the day you left Ann. Karma will get Matt.....I am postive. What goes around comes around and he will get his in doubles. He did you a favor.


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